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  1. I like this flight tutorial from LOWI to LFMN. About the reported problem, It was my fault. Probably I forgot to click on 'ALIGN IRS' in INIT page the last time. You can close this topic. Best regards.
  2. The probable problem (can be my mistake) that I reported in number 2 of the list shown in first post occurred after the completion of START CHECKLIST, that is, I had not yet programmed the route, which makes in my opinion the route irrelevant.
  3. I used the route LOWI-LFMN in "Volume 6 Step By Step Tutorial Rolf Fritze Version 06-01-09" for Airbus version 1.31(32 bits).
  4. I made a full fresh installation of version and started a flight using checklist and co-pilot. The flight was the one in tutorial step-by-step LOWI-LFMN using the A320-232 IAE SHARK. Problems (maybe): (1) In MCDU3, LOAD and FUEL, PAX, the START BOARDING still does not blink when clicked; (2) After the START CHECKLIST was done, after more than 5 minutes of the ADIRs were aligned (first picture bellow), after I have entered with the route and just before to start the pushback, the PFD and ND were as shown in the second picture bellow; (3) I gave up to keep trying.
  5. I was starting the aircraft setup on MCDU3 and I noticed that the 'START BOARDING' was not working although the door was opened. I am with the update for version, the aircraft is TAM A319-132 IAE and airport is SBRJ (parking at GATE 3). The number of passengers was 145.
  7. I repeated the flight twice and in both flights my A319-IAE (TAM version) is losing speed in descent and entering in A.FLOOR speed mode.
  8. Ok, you all are right. It's ok now. Thank you.
  9. The bus (TAM A319 IAE) not properly following the waypoints' altitudes. It's arriving too down to the programmed altitude.
  10. Thanks, Mathijs. Downloaded and solved!
  11. Receiving this message error at startup. Version
  12. I confirm managed speed drops during descent and I am not using any third part add-on. Managed speed is also making a mess during climb. It stays changing fom THR CLB to SPEED, SPEED to TOGA LK, to AFLOOR...
  13. By the way, are the reverses slow the speed down in a realist way? It's seems to me they spend too much time to reduce the speed to 70 kts when so I begin to apply pedal breaks.
  14. Ok, I will try on others airports with less than 2000 meters at sea levels and above it. I will back with notices about.
  15. I repeated the flight, turned off the AP far way the airport and manually managed to land very close to the headboard of the runway. I applied the reverse and the brakes and I used only 2/3 of the runway to landing. I continued bellow 30 kts on the remainder 1/3 of runway. After a few seconds of silent I heard "APU ON" and nothing more. The A319-IAE was almost arriving to end of a runway when the "AFTER LANDING CL" was executed and finished just when the runway arrived to its end. The "LEAVE RUNWAY" message was not shown. I leaved the runway and taxed to the gates. When I break and stopped the message "SET PARKING BREAK ON" was shown, I did this and the "PARKING CL" was executed with success. I think I still continue making any mistake. Could you please tell me which rules are embedded into the source code for the execution of the message "LEAVE RUNWAY"?
  16. Hello, I am back home (and to simulator). I landed on SBSP which has a relatively short track with 6352 '(1940 m) in extension. The reverse and the braking ended almost at the last exit of the runway. I applyed the brakes until I got the speed less than 30 kts. This time the "AFTER LANDING CHECKLIST" was executed (great!), but as I was already practically on the exit of the runway the "LEAVE RUNWAY" message did not appear and instead of came the message "SET PARKING BREAKS ON" (???). I leave the runway and parked in a gate. I applyed the parking breadk and the "PARKING CHECKLIST" was executed with success. So my 'problem' now is about the "LEAVE RUNWAY" that was not displayed.
  17. I'm away from home spending the holidays. I will return january 4th and I will test leaving runway at speed less than 30nm and only after msg LEAVE THE RUNWAY. I take this opportunity to wish you all a prosperous 2019. Thanks for your help, support and you were so patients with our doubts. Cheers!
  18. By the way, I am with Airbus Pro version, was flying with A319-132 IAE using NavDataPro as shown in the attached images.
  19. Flight made with an A319-IAE. I still have checklist problems at the SBSP airport that is 2631 feet above sea level. As shown in the jeppesen's chart SBSP is CAT1 then I entered with 2820 in the BARO (MCDU1) before activating the "DESCENT PREP CL: STARTS IN ...". After the "APPROACH CHECLIST" I confirmed the approach phase in MCDU1. During the final the PFD shows that SBSP is CAT3 (?). Is this a P3D v4.4 error? The "LANDING CHECKLIST" was executed, but when I landed and I leave the runway, neither the "AFTER LANDING CHECKLIST" nor the "PARKING CHECLIST" were executed. Upon stopping at the gate and activating the parking break I could heard a aural "HUNDRED ABOVE". Very strange.
  20. I made other flights and noticed that 'the issue' only happened once (the first time I saw it) and it is not happening anymore. It may have been some mistake of me. For me you can close this post. Thank you.
  21. As shown in the image mcdu1 at lower pedestal panel is not showing the speeds and altitudes constraints but the speeds and altitudes are show in the expanded mcdu (SHIFT+3).
  22. Ok, let's try again. I cann't update my Airbuses because ASUpdater is not doing nothing. Just a small initial movement in progress bar and it seems to be freezed. Is there a link to a newer version for ASUpdater? Thanks.
  23. Maybe it was the PC CLeaner PRO. I have noticed some minor issues after running it. I uninstalled my add-ons from P3D V4.3 (except Airbuses), did a full uninstall of P3D V4.3 and I did a fresh full install of P3D V4.4. Now I'm installing my add-ons back. I'll leave the Airbuses for the last and most probably when SP1 comes out. I am flying very little with them due to the problems with VNAV during descent. If I had problems to install the Airbuses, like registration, I will ask help here. Thank you.
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