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  1. I repeated the flight, turned off the AP far way the airport and manually managed to land very close to the headboard of the runway. I applied the reverse and the brakes and I used only 2/3 of the runway to landing. I continued bellow 30 kts on the remainder 1/3 of runway. After a few seconds of silent I heard "APU ON" and nothing more. The A319-IAE was almost arriving to end of a runway when the "AFTER LANDING CL" was executed and finished just when the runway arrived to its end. The "LEAVE RUNWAY" message was not shown. I leaved the runway and taxed to the gates. When I break and stopped the message "SET PARKING BREAK ON" was shown, I did this and the  "PARKING CL" was executed with success. I think I still continue making any mistake. Could you please tell me which rules are embedded into the source code for the execution of the message "LEAVE RUNWAY"?

  2. Hello, I am back home (and to simulator). I landed on SBSP which has a relatively short track with 6352 '(1940 m) in extension. The reverse and the braking ended almost at the last exit of the runway. I applyed the brakes until I got the speed less than 30 kts. This time the "AFTER LANDING CHECKLIST" was executed (great!), but as I was already practically on the exit of the runway the "LEAVE RUNWAY" message did not appear and instead of came the message "SET PARKING BREAKS ON" (???). I leave the runway and parked in a gate. I applyed the parking breadk and the "PARKING CHECKLIST" was executed with success. So my 'problem' now is about the "LEAVE RUNWAY" that was not displayed.



  3. Flight made with an A319-IAE.


    I still have checklist problems at the SBSP airport that is 2631 feet above sea level.


    As shown in the jeppesen's chart SBSP is CAT1 then I entered with 2820 in the BARO (MCDU1) before activating the "DESCENT PREP CL: STARTS IN ...".


    After the "APPROACH CHECLIST" I confirmed the approach phase in MCDU1.


    During the final the PFD shows that SBSP is CAT3 (?). Is this a P3D v4.4 error?


    The "LANDING CHECKLIST" was executed, but when I landed and I leave the runway, neither the "AFTER LANDING CHECKLIST" nor the "PARKING CHECLIST" were executed.


    Upon stopping at the gate and activating the parking break I could heard a aural "HUNDRED ABOVE". Very strange.




















  4. 20 hours ago, Tom A320 said:

    Looks like you have manually deleted some files on your system which you shouldn't have done.


    Maybe it was the PC CLeaner PRO. I have noticed some minor issues after running it.


    I uninstalled my add-ons from P3D V4.3 (except Airbuses), did a full uninstall of P3D V4.3 and I did a fresh full install of P3D V4.4. Now I'm installing my add-ons back. I'll leave the Airbuses for the last and most probably when SP1 comes out. I am flying very little with them due to the problems with VNAV during descent. 


    If I had problems to install the Airbuses, like registration, I will ask help here.


    Thank you.

  5. Airbuses updated to


    Two issues encountered.


    1st: Airbus A319-IAE do not follow with accuracy the flight patch from a SID and get lost as shown in the first screenshot where it shoud going to the waypoint INN. In the second screenshot the Airbus A321-IAE follow the SID flight patch with a almost very good accuracy and it's working for me. Please take the source codes from Airbus A321-IAE as base to review what is going on with flight patch of A319-IAE during a CLIMB being crawling a SID.


    A319-IAE lost flight patch.



    A321-IAE following the flight patch.



    2nd: The vertical profile (DES) has problems with the altitude constraints in all Airbus models. My opinion is that descent vertical speed is not being adjusting accordlly to reach each waypoint at the programmed altitude. To work around this I change manually to selected mode the descent vertical speed until I can see if the level-off symbol at ND is near or at the waypoint/selected-altitude by ALT knob at FCU after that INITIATE DESCENT message at START DESCENT CHECKLIST.


    Thank you for some feedback.

  6. My last contribution. I finally tested the A318-CFM. I had problems with the descent from start to finish. After activate de descent to 4000 feet the altitude dropped very fast and I almost collided with the hills below. I repeated the flight this time controlling the V / S and so went well until I captured the localizer and started the descent ramp on the G / S. This time the problem was the wrong reading of the altitude. A difference of 300 feet, because while it was at 500 "on the altimeter was sung 200". I did not hear the "MINIMUNS". I landed, applied the reverse til 60 KIAS, I take the reverse off and leaved the runway, but the message "LEAVE RUNWAY" not shown. Already towards the gates I heard "SEVENTY KNOTS" as if I were still in a situation of applying the reverses. The rest of the checklist (AFTER LANDING CL and PARKING CL) occurred normally.


    Okay, now I'm going to wait for SP1 to be released and I'll test all the models again. I love this Airbus and I will have a great pleasure in continuing contributing.


    Best regards and see you.

  7. 14 hours ago, EasyJetSetter said:

    The IAE's have thrust power problems after the last patch, so dont use them for now.




    Not all IAE.


    I did now a test with the A321-IAE and it did not have any problems during the flight. To my surprise, he, unlike the other A319 and A320, followed the SID's flight patch in the ND with absolute perfection... the better of them, except A318 with which I have not yet flown.

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