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  1. Nope, definitely not. I checked that just to make sure but I could rule that out..
  2. Might this be related to my problem?
  3. Thanks Mathijs for the reply. Well the first thing I did was to go to the settings and check the stick calibration. But everything looked fine there. So I did that via the windows gamecontroller settings, no problems there aswell. I can definately rule out a hardware related issue. I restarted the sim than and everything was working. What I did before was to do the flight from LOWW-EDDF, parked at the gate, ran through the GSX deboarding/boarding sequence and set up the aircraft for the next flight. So there was no reloading of the aircraft inbetween those two flights. I basically waited about 15 minutes or so (that's when I did the flightplanning with PFPX for the return flight) and then continued the flight. So it was perfectly working before.. Really strange! I will try to do that same procedure again the next time, maybe I can analyse it a bit more..
  4. I just wanted to conduct a flight back from EDDF-LOWW but after pushback in Frankfurt at gate A21 the elevator was stuck to full down position. When I tried to do a flight controls check the elevator shook a little bit and moved slightly in direction nose up but then smashed back down to the full down position. I then simulated a return-to-stand situation and during taxi the elevator got responsive again but as soon as I slowed down, the elevator literally smashed down in the full down position. I will now restart the sim and try again. Just thought, you might want to know this. This has never happend before so far after many flights.. first time that this occured..
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