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  1. Meese

    False FOB indication

    No problem, good luck!
  2. Meese

    False FOB indication

    319 CFM, fuel and payload loaded instantly via 3rd MCDU (only on ground, not redone airborne after loading save). Flight was first leg since restart, no slew or change after default F22 was positioned on stand and A319 loaded. Cold and Dark state loaded as DEF. Fuel/payload was not revisited or checked after loading save file, as MCDU 1&2 and ECAMs showed expected values on load. PS., there are posts on the forum where I mention changing cfg files for camera/view reasons, however no such changes has been made. All files are as per clean install plus updater, no extra liveries installed or other changes made.
  3. Meese

    False FOB indication, P3D v4.3, Win10
  4. Meese

    False FOB indication

    Coincidentally, on setting up the return leg now, I've loaded 13800kgs. On INIT page 2, clicking the block fuel LSK to bring up the actual fuel shows me 12.6, while the third MCDU, the FOB and P3D's fuel&payload all agree the number is 13.8. Interestingly, 12.6 seems to be a rounding error away from having full wing tanks and nothing in the centre tank. This could mean nothing at all, of course, but it's an oddity I thought worth mentioning.
  5. Meese

    False FOB indication

    There's a few threads on this already, but I thought I'd make a new one for simpleness' sake. I decided to cut a flight short yesterday, making a save enroute to GCLP on cruise, and disabled the DEF aircraft state before I shut down the sim. This morning I picked it back up, and loading the save was happily successful, all systems correctly in whatever state and with whatever data they'd had yesterday evening (except the chronometer, but that's to be expected). After a (hard) landing and shutdown, I took a look at the flight log printout, and finally noticed that the FOB had been stuck since 1 hour before landing (the time at which my savefile was made), as the printout was reading the true fuel state while the FOB was doing it's own thing. I've added whatever log files I found, two screenshots, and the savefiles used in two zip archives attached, in the hope t hat this should help n arrowing down the cause. Prepar3D v4 AS319
  6. Meese

    Elevators not working

    I've seen this a few times too, and we're not alone.
  7. Meese

    Totally disabling view system?

    This is true, but also a necessity when someone messes with my muscle memory actions linked to operating basic functions in the sim. Would definitely be happy to see a config option.
  8. Meese

    Elevator stuck and shaking

    I'm having this issue as well. Tried both raw and the other native P3D input, with/without FSUPIC assignments and/or calibration, recalibrated in P3D, reassigned axis and adjusted sensitivities and blind zones. No change. Seen it on two out of three flights, both using checklists and copilot. The first time, initiating taxi made it snap back to centre and enabled full deflection up and down. The second time it didn't, so I skipped the item and tried to depart to see how it reacted. I had pitch authority in flight and autoflight seemed fine, but then the -150ft pressure cabin issue reported elsewhere started happening, so I abandoned the flight. I'll try to tinker some more to see if I can find any rhyme or reason to these weird symptoms (yes I'll make the log files).
  9. Meese

    Cabin Pressure

    Had the exact same issue on my third total flight (done today). Up to date product, only ActiveSky, FSUIPC, 737 NGX, MJC Q400 and ORBX addons installed, on a two month old clean v4.3-install.
  10. Meese

    Totally disabling view system?

    ^This is the solution, and I'd like to note my bafflement on the philosophy of changing the function of elementary view key assignments without having it as an option in config/installer or at least mention somewhere what's going on.
  11. Meese

    Fuel stuck at 1820 kg

    I had this issue tonight, flying EINN-KJFK in the A318. Loaded 18000kg at EINN, landed at JFK with the FOB indicator and Fuel page both claiming I had 2980kg on board, except I'd had that excact value since Newfoundland, however the total fuel burned value on the Fuel page correctly indicated the burned level of 17700kg (Yes, I landed with 300kgs... I apparently need to tweak the bias in PFPX for such long distance flights). I had not run the updater, but I bought and installed the product today so this was version whatever is currently packed in the installer. Prior to departure I had some issues with my graphics driver and used a save-file made just prior to push to avoid re-preflighting after a few sim restarts (though I had to preflight everything anyway, panel states didn't save). I also used the aircraft state page to set "ready to taxi" to expedite the departure as I had to get around to something else. I know all of these things are in general dumb decisions if you are aiming for a stable flight, but I thought I'd use this flight to see what gremlins would appear following such abuse.
  12. Here in Norway Wideroe has upgraded even their old DH8-100 series with P-RNAV approach capability since they operate on so many non-precision approach aerodromes in often adverse weather. If Bombardier can fix up the old turbopros as such, I'm sure they can do the old turbofans as well.
  13. You're missing the point, though I'm not sure how. The point is, we have to scramble through multiple threads to track info on a (set of) known problem(s), instead of visiting one pinned (and, at your discretion, locked) topic where Hans or anyone else can provide what detail the team wants to share at any given point. Even if some users prefer to read everythin on here instead of easy information, why can't those of us who just want a status update once a day/week/fortnight have a regular place to check instead of using 10 minutes to read incoherent discussions? No change = no change, and we're set. For your second paragraph, the only link between the 1.0.2 update and this is that the same lack of pinned information exists regarding the latest update as it does the known issues that make this addon unflyable for some of your customers which are being discussed (not exclusively, which is the point here, mind). I made a thread in the General section on just this subject, and even Mathijs responded admitting that such a pinned post should've been created. Note that the only pinned update thread on there is still the old update, not the current one, days later. This is a forum, sometimes known as a board. As in bulletin board, pinboard, or noticeboard. As in the big square on the wall made of wood and cork with pinned notes on them. I don't want to search through the unsorted heap of notes and scrabbles on the floor beneath the board, I want to glance at the board for the information the owner of the board pins there, and then be on my way. Please. Please tell me the point came across this time. Else I swear I'll go out and buy a camcorder and decent microphone and make a very passive agressive informational video and post it on youtube and link it everywhere I see fit. (For those with the ability to suspend forum accounts: This is humor. For those who are not: Serious threat).
  14. This happens when there are no pinned info topics that are updated reliably! Is the pin function banned on these forums or something? I simply cannot fathom how this still is missing. Not even the 1.0.2 pin is up yet. Does the staff thorougly enjoy reposts, perhaps?
  15. Has there been an update? I thought I'd check in here to see if there was any news, and there isn't. There is, however, people asking about downloading the new update, and giving thanks for it. What? I've been asking for a pinned status thread on this aircraft due to how you have to browse through induvidual threads to find out the latest news on progress, instead of checking one simple pinned post. Now it seems, updates are released and as a simmarket customer, I'm not even going to be able to find any info on it at all? I'm assubing direct AS-customers recieved some sort of automated mail? Lucky guys. I mean, a moderately bad update would take 10 seconds to write and pin. An informative update would take less than 2 minutes. If I seem angry, I'm really not. I'm utterly astonished. As of writing this, it seems the first update posts appeared at least 16 hours ago.