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  1. Version 1.0.0


    A repaint of the Aerosoft Professional Airbus A320 in Airwego Virtual Airline colours featuring the 20th Anniversary titles. By Rob Potter. www.airwego.uk
  2. View File Aerosoft Professional Airbus A320 Airwego G-EISW_20th A repaint of the Aerosoft Professional Airbus A320 in Airwego Virtual Airline colours featuring the 20th Anniversary titles. By Rob Potter. www.airwego.uk Submitter lionwing Submitted 05/30/20 Category Aerosoft A320/A321 professional liveries  
  3. Is this revised paintkit now available?
  4. Version information below. However since my initial post P3D seems to have started just fine!
  5. Ben I will check the version number of P3D this evening when I am in front of my sim computer and report back. Happy to try any additional troubleshooting you suggest.
  6. The only change in my sim setup was the installation of the most recent Aerosoft Airbus Professional products last week along with a Nvida driver update. Clicking cancel achieves nothing other than to recycle the error which you can see in the log. I have disabled the addon to allow the sim to load, which is does so without problem.
  7. Is it the file attached to this post you need? DDELogging.log
  8. On starting P3Dv4 this evening i get the error in the attached image? I click OK several times but the sim will not continue to launch with the error repeating. Any suggestions?
  9. I had a problem with a CTD on some liveries only with the Professional product recently. It might not help in your situation but check the aircraft.cfg. There were a lot of "tabbed" spaces in the .cfg file for the liveries I added. By removing them and matching the formatting to the default liveries the problem was resolved. it took a lot of time, re installation of the product and C++libraries none of which fixed the problem to arrive at this simple solution. Good luck.
  10. All working now. There was just one product (Bergen X) in the basket. Does the current version include Terminal 3 at ENBR? (sorry...I know not the right place to ask this)
  11. Good evening. I have gone to purchase Bergen X this evening currently on offer at €13.58. On moving through the checkout out process as far as "Paypal Complete Purchase" the price shows at €18.10. How is the sale price for the download obtained?
  12. Success! After the best part of ten hours spent working through this problem yesterday the third party liveries for the A318 now work. My suspicion leads me to think there was some corrupt (but hidden characters) in the aircraft.cfg brought about by pasting sections of the file following the update in October. The advice, on occassion, in advance of a update is to back up the aircraft.cfg to preserve any installed liveries. I rewrote the aircraft.cfg for the third party liveries to fix this problem. Regards
  13. Got me stumped! It also occurs if you follow the instructions in this thread for using a 32bit livery; I'm not quite sure where to go with this problem next?
  14. The point I am making is the same as "mousemansteven". The repaint worked fine until the last update but now crashes the sim. Is it a fair conclusion to say something changed in the product to cause this issue?
  15. Please refer to this topic before reading below. I do not believe this problem has been resolved and the above topic has been closed incorrectly. The repaint above worked fine in P3Dv4 until the most recent update. Therefore I conclude some change within that update created this problem. A support ticket has been raised and while acknowledged is now forty eight old with minimal progression toward a solution. If the repaint is really incompatble with latest product update then lets understand why that is the case and look to resolve that. Kind Regards
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