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  1. Hello Heinz, Thanks for the quick reply. I works with the 2.Step to use the folder "DEACTIVATE BRIDGE FIX". Attached crazy traffic beyond this bridge:
  2. After installing the update: the above mentioned bugs regarding the bridges still remains. Fix needed.
  3. @dannyblood Thanks for the offer. Soon you get a feedback.
  4. Hey there, First of all thanks for BER to the developers. I´ve noticed 2 bugs as you can see on the attached screenshots. Should be fixed. For now the airport is not X-Life compatible. That should be developed and released soon... Thanks and happy landings.. 😎
  5. Hey there, I start this topic by asking if these airports are planned for an XP 11 release: EDDM Munich EDDN Nuernberg EDDK Cologne EDDV Hannover
  6. Ich habe auch die X-Plane 11 DVD über aerosoft erworben. Bin dafür, dass Lugano XP11 kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt wird. Mal sehen was oben genannte Klärung bringen wird.
  7. Can aerosoft post a statement regarding a new Installer (not refering P3d v4) for FSX please? Thanks.
  8. As I posted before, it´s not customers/forum members responsibility to solve the issues concerning missing taxiways, jetbridges etc.. So now again I´m asking, when a new full working installer will be released, as Premek mentioned this a few weeks ago. Thanks for understanding.
  9. @Premek Thanks for your understanding and quick Response.
  10. @Premek Regarding all the bugs posted in this forum, I would like to know, when a full working FIX or update will be released? It is not the Job of forum members to fix the bugs!
  11. I solved the problem by myself. I exchanged the old dll.xml+exe.xml with those from the SDK. Now SODE is activated and everything works fine.
  12. @12bPilot If the Platformmanager could not find the exe.xml, than something is wrong with this tool. Maybe you can release a SODE Version that activates automatically, like FSUIPC for example.
  13. @12bPilot Can you give me any support on my problem?
  14. Thanks for your support. But why the activation of SODE is not possible?
  15. The files are present as they should be. See attachments. I sorted out some lines here, for data reasons. dll.xml exe.xml FSX.cfg
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