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  1. Hi, I very much doubt they do have any plans to make it FS9 compatible, or they would have mentioned it... Just looking at the screenshots it really does look like the real thing. I, probably like you, just cannot run FSX on my system with descent FPS, but with all these great scenerys being released for FSX only i think i'm going to have to find the money to upgrade so i can buy and fly with these brilliant releases! Nat
  2. That could well be the problem thanks! I will give it a test next time i fly and let you know how it goes, Cheers, Nat
  3. Hmm there is definatelty some conflict between ASv6.5 and AES with regard to displaying the wet/snowy runway textures, Nat
  4. Hi, First of all i would just like to congratulate the entire team on a wonderful product, it brings our airports to life! I use Active sky v6 as my weather engine and have noticed that when flying into one of the AES airports, for example flytampas SFO, with rain/snow it doesn't load the corresponding runway textures. Once i have landed if i refresh Active Sky it will then load the wet/snowy runway textures. Im not sure if the problem is with AES or Av6 or both so any suggestions will be appreciated, Cheers, Nat
  5. Ok no problem, ill wait for the scenery to be updated first. Cheers, Nat
  6. First i would just like to say what a great product it is! This matter is only really specific to Málaga (LEMG), as its nearly the only place i fly.. As the subject says - Would there be any chance of the user being able to change the location of some of the AES gates? They wouldn't be the gates with jetways, just the apron gates - As in Malaga's case, with the current Work in Progress, a couple of the gates have moved, rotated abit etc... Totally off subject - Do you know where i can find the new wet runway textures? Hope it all makes sense, Cheers, Nat
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