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  1. I think the full release is due out this month though. I have heard it gives more vram for V5 though
  2. If I'm honest with you. As of now I'd gladly go without rain effect for a while if meant having a plane working properly in V5.
  3. Hello, can someone link me to a topic where i can follow the a330 and it's progress in v5? theres so many i dunno where to start looking lol thanks!
  4. i wasn't able to test this out in the end sorry
  5. i'll test this when i land & will report back
  6. Loaded her up with 35.000kg of fuel, EGKK-GCRR, as you can see it's used 10.000kg already but the EFOB say's 4.3 left in the tanks on arrival. however 20 minutes ago it would was saying 6.4 or something i had mine go into the minus yesterday, i used the fuel simbrief told me to use plus 5000kg on top of that too
  7. i'm experiencing this too. the thing is drinking through fuel. the EFOB decreases insanely quick
  8. Hello, as i was rotating the A330, the engines shutdown automatically. no reason why it happened. i then restarted them, took off again. then everything was fine, i have no idea why it happened, the plane just went dead. thanks
  9. So as you can all see, i'm currently at FL400, however my ND decided to bug out. i simply changed the time of day, the displays bugged out into Self test mode, i waited way longer than 40 seconds believe me. so i saved the flight, restarted my sim and wolla i give you this. i'm sorry how was this not seen in testing? today's been nothing but hell for me and this plane. so thanks
  10. bit of a joke this, i know launches can go wrong, but they're quick enough to take my payment. nearly 3 hours later i still don't have it. i also got a response from there ticket support which was as useful as a chocolate kettle.
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