If you want a Honeycomb Alpha for Christma you better order fast because we are quickly running out of stock!

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  1. they'll probably tell you tomorrow or early monday, it's normally lunchtime german time
  2. Can I have a free copy? I haven't done anything amazing to earn one. I'm just being a cheeky lad.
  3. Will there be more liveries for us to download on release day?
  4. Read the release notes. On the manuals, could there a be a chance you delay the aircraft because of that or did you mean that manual would get delayed? Thanks for whoever clears that up for mešŸ˜
  5. Seems like you're powering through pretty well! Looking forward to it
  6. I know I've asked this before but I cant rememberšŸ¤£ what's the upgrade fee for the people who own the previous model?
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