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  1. I too do not have dynamic lighting at EDDK in P3Dv4.4, no shader mods no PTA. I can load a default aircraft at EDDK on active runway and there is no runway lighting, no taxi sign lit, no lights at all. I ran configuration tool and reselected dynamic lighting and tried in a new session and still no lights. This is the first time I've had a product that was completely dark at night... should be easy to fix but I am stumped. I have version of Cologne-Bonn Professional. UPDATE: Figured it out... it was self inflicted. The problem was not missing lights but rather missing scenery. I have all Aerosoft products loaded in one self discovery add-on.xml (same for all FSDT in one add-on.xml, all Flightbeam same ect.) and when I ran the Aerosoft Updater apparently it reinserts and entry into the program data add-on.cfg file. Since there are at least three ways to add scenery I elect to use only one method for all products so P3D had double entry for EDDK. As soon as I removed the unwanted add-on.cfg entry all returned to normal and of course lighting is working. Next time this happens I'll find it much quicker LOL.
  2. BINGO! I've not been able to release a flight since installing v2.03 up until reading this thread. Many thanks. Note to developers: Please include something this salient to how to use PFPX in the documentation. Thank you.
  3. Good point... thanks David. As for the UPS1 route, I did look at their ground track on a half dozen different flights and they were all pretty much the same so I took that approach. UPDATE: I got the hang of it now: BEKO3A BEKOL A461 YIN G586 QP B330 OMBON Y1 SADAN L888 XKC A460 RULAD A124 TDK A110 BLH A360 AGAKO G155 DZG A371 ATR G487 ZG R710 UP N39 TE G724 BUGOR L748 BADUS L735 VABER L29 GRUDA N858 DENKO DCT NAVDI Z181 XIGRI DCT POVEL Q201 PODER UZ189 RUNER T858 KOPAG passed!!
  4. Ah ha... okay. The route was created by myself based on the ground track for the UPS1 flight. I couldn't find an airway approaching Koln from the NE so I used a direct intending to direct PODER to appropriate published arrival. What do you suggest? Thanks guys for the help.... been using PFPX a long time and never had to use the validation before v2; I'm now an old pilot learning new tricks.
  5. I'm getting about 50 of these: SYN104 INVALID FIELD AT ROW=1 COL=73 (ROUTE) where the COL ranges from 73 to 300. I've checked the IFPS site and all it says is that an unexpected or invalid character is received, and that if yhere are many of them then it is likely the first one is the problem. The documentation is worthless when it comes to validation support, and I've not found a way to release a flight ignoring validation. Row 1 column 73 of what?? I'm lost. Flight plan is the UPS1 VHHH EDDK: (FPL-N605UP-IN -B748/H-SBDE1FGHIJ5P3RWXY/SB1 -VHHH1000 -N0490F320 BEKOL.A461.YIN.G586.QP.B330.OMBON.Y1.SADAN.L888.XKC.A460.RULAD.A1 24.TDK.A110.BLH.A360.AGAKO.G155.DZG.A371.ATR.G487.ZG.R710.UP.R120 .IWV.R364.TE.G724.BUGOR.L748.BADUS.L735.VABER.L29.GRUDA.N858.DENK O..NAVDI.Z181.XIGRI..POVEL.Q201.PODER -EDDK1109 -STS/ALTRV PBN/B1C1D1O1 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 RNAV1 RNAV5 DOF/181215 REG/N605UP) Navigraph data up to date current cycle (1813 rev 1) The flightplan builds without any problems, but since I must validate to release I'm trying to resolve the error(s). Help!
  6. Thanks Stephen, I admit to a brain fart on my behalf. Glad the ETD is verified. I simply got inside out on this because P3D has an incorrect offset and a completely different wrong answer given by simconnect and used by ASP4, so I was getting myself confused haha. Thanks for checking.
  7. PFPX 1.28.9i find that the local time displayed for UTC values entered in STD text block when planning a mission when in Hawaii are wrong. At PHNL enter 0735 Z the local time should be 1735 HST (HST = UTC - 10 no daylight savings time in HI) but PFPX displays 2135L. This is a four hour error. Also, the ETD text block when entering 0800 Z becomes 0200L, an unexpected error of 8 hours. Is there a local time zone offset table that can be modified?
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