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  1. OK, I understand an also i understand that selecting experimental comes with risk..i learnt my lesson on this. I do want to give one bit of feedback as a 100% loyal AS customer- (I buy your airports and have only the AS3xx that I fly , plus desperate for 330 My feedback is this, please think of your customers who want to fly and who dont want to study programming or Win7 or Win10 or over clocking or tomatoes or shaders or 4K or SDK - we just want to get off the ground and fly. The esier you make this for us, the less tweaking, reloading, rebooting, the happier we are, indeed it is one of the
  2. Will a new update be coming shortly to put us back to 1,2.2.1 without having to uninstal? please?sorry for stupid request but everytime i reinstall it appears to trigger new issues (perhaps due to my lack of knowledge) thanks
  3. yes PLease Liv manager compatible or simple non techy instructions
  4. liv manager compatible please for the many who enjoy without techy expertise
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