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  1. OK, I understand an also i understand that selecting experimental comes with risk..i learnt my lesson on this. I do want to give one bit of feedback as a 100% loyal AS customer- (I buy your airports and have only the AS3xx that I fly , plus desperate for 330 My feedback is this, please think of your customers who want to fly and who dont want to study programming or Win7 or Win10 or over clocking or tomatoes or shaders or 4K or SDK - we just want to get off the ground and fly. The esier you make this for us, the less tweaking, reloading, rebooting, the happier we are, indeed it is one of the reasons I am so 100% AS...you tend to do this, you keep us flying. Make your updater put hings right, when things go wrong is a big selling point for me, not sure if everyone sees it the same, but I really wish you could put it right for me, rather than telling me to put it right. I am sure you get my plea, cheers Thanks again for the awesome products.
  2. Will a new update be coming shortly to put us back to 1,2.2.1 without having to uninstal? please?sorry for stupid request but everytime i reinstall it appears to trigger new issues (perhaps due to my lack of knowledge) thanks
  3. If the updater cant be programmed to do this for us... this sounds like a smart WTG...could someone put his in a little more step by step way for dumb people like me -a bit worried that i dont get the steps and the translation is not quite clear to me - thanks appreciated
  4. Always good to hear a nice straight reply, vey many other Airport have been upgraded and offer a pay for upgrade to p3d v4 in your portfolio, can you explain why not with Helsinki ? I feel it could be quite a good seller? Is it a tech reason ? Is there a developer out there who could do the u-grade for Aerosoft ?
  5. A thanksfor fast reply C:\Users\Carl\Documents\Aerosoft no idea why- this was selected by the installer BUT everything works except the 318-319 liver manager what i did notice is that in the file livery manager fro the 320 LM the is an exe file as well as two files, zip and unzip but in the 318-319 LM file there is only the two zip and unzip files but no exe file ! ? can i r-download the 318-319 LM somehow
  6. Can you help me Unlike y 320/321 pro livery manager, that is working perfectly, my 318/319 is not, it is totally blank (it doesnt even include tthe default texture versions included in the package, the 320/321 installer does and also instals downloaded replaints perfectly the 318/319 wont do anything and is empty I tried to find some way to uninstal and reinstal bu cant find the files anywhere to do so Can you help me get the livery manager working for my 318/319 bird please
  7. yes PLease Liv manager compatible or simple non techy instructions
  8. liv manager compatible please for the many who enjoy without techy expertise
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