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  1. Hello Mathijs, Can you tell us some details about the new apps? Regards Andre
  2. @Mathijs KokI also have the same problem with the Fslabs Navdata.
  3. Hi Today I found out during my taxiing to the gate, that the Signs along Taxiway Alpha are showing the wrong runway identifier (34R and 12L instead of 32R and 14L). I also will attacha picture of that. The second thing has to do with a topic I created earlyer about the ILS DME (https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/143042-eddk-professional-missing-ils-dme/). Its good that they have been added but there is also added an DME for the ILS 14L but in real world there is no DME at the ILS 14L. Regards Andre
  4. Are there any news when the feature will be integrated? @Mathijs Kok
  5. Yes, I'm also receiving the LOC and G/S but not the DME. It's on the Fslabs A320 & A319 and on the PMDG 737. The other PMDG planes I don't have tested yet
  6. Hello all, I just found out that I don't receive the DME from the ILS 32R and from the ILS 24. I just want to ask if both DMEs are implemented or not? Regards, Andre
  7. @BerndBIt's getting better when I zoom in but it is not perfect. I think the problem is caused by the high resolution and the "small" display.
  8. @BerndBwhat tablet do you use? On my tablet the charts are blurry directly after the startup of the program.
  9. Hi, I've downloaded V2 and also the Hotfix and tried to rename a Route but the name does not Change.
  10. On my Desktop its a little bit better. Ive added a screenshot from my Desktop and a screenshot from my Surface.
  11. Hi. When I use the charts program on my surface pro 6, the charts are very blurry and nearly unreadable. Is there a solution to solve this problem? Thanks in Advance Andre Boll
  12. Hi I want to ask if it is possible to rotate only one chart on the kneeboard. Because currently it is only possible to rotate the complete kneebord.
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