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  1. Mathijs, This looks amazing. I don't usually go for US scenery as much as I do on European scenery but this has really caught my eye. With such detail, what kind of fps can I expect with my decently specked machine I7-950-420 and say using a new 737NG aircraft that's just out. cheers Gerry
  2. Hey Shaun, Sorry I'm slow at getting back to you on this. I did as you suggested disabled FS Global and Roads and rivers did the same flight in the same time and conditons and I didn't have any issue at the Amsterdam. re-enabled my scenery one by one doing the same flight each time and still no issues. up to now I can't replicate the issue I had except for the OOM issue this only happened at AMS so I got hold of the 4G switch prog for WIn64 and as yet I have not had any more OOM problems. Thanks and I hope this is an end to my problem Cheers mate Happy Easter to you and your family Gerry
  3. Hi Shaun, Hope you can help with this. I just purchased Amsterdam Schiphol for FS9 and FSX. After 3 attempts to land here (first 2 landing attempts gave me Out of memory issues. The very first OOM I have ever had using my 64bit system I7-970) Anyway back to the strange issue on landing Rwy 27. bright flashing to the right of the runway. I don't have any other scenery installed that would clash with EHAM. Any help appreciated. I have still to try out FSX vesion. I hope this is not the same. Cheers for now Gerry
  4. Just to update you and to report, my problem was not with the Airbus X but my own CH hardware as the problem was occuring in all my aircraft. All sorted now and doing fine. Gerry
  5. Shaun, Thanks for the reply. Yes I did. It's a strange one. never had this issue before. I'm going to try a re-install of the Airbus and see if this eliminates the problem. I will get back to you. Gerry
  6. Hi, I've had this aircraft a few days now and I must say that visually inside and out is is top notch. I now work around the sid and star by entering them from the charts so not a big issue for me. I'm experencing an issue that I've never come accross before with any payware or other aircraft. While flying the Airbus X, I lose power in both engines. this has happened during approach cruise and during taxi to runway the engines just cut out. I have no warning signs on the overhaed or ECAM prior to this It has happened with fuel in the wings only and with fuel in the wings and centre tanks(loaded via Airbus Connect) It's a strange one. I was wondering if this has been reported in the past I'm using Windows 7 64bit. Any light on this appreciated. Gerry
  7. Hi, Due to ill health i have been off the scene since last February. Now back and fighting fit I'm now playing catch up and enjoying doing this as there's a lot to get through. Anyway stop rambling Gerry. this is for my mate Shaun. my last moan was about the very bad shimmering in Monastir, FSX which he said was being looked at by the devs and should be sorted soon. That was last Feb and it's still the same. Ok Shaun boy Fasup my man. Gerry
  8. I have been swithering to buy or not to buy this light version of an airbus. Excellent feedback Mark, thankyou. In it's present state, I will hold off for now. cheers Gerry
  9. Shaun, Thankyou for the info on this. I have purchased Menorca and it is excellent Regards Gerry
  10. I never said there was any issues with Menorca Regards Gerry
  11. I just purchased Madeira X. I have just started to do flights to this area so I thought it would be nice to have an authentic scenery. Although, in my mind a very expensive scenery it is the best I could get. Now to my issue. I thought Monastir was bad for ground shimmering but this one takes the prize. I was thinking of also buying Schiphol and Menorca but after reading the issues with Schiphol I'm going to hold for now. I used to purchase Aerosoft scenery straight off without any question and be wowed. but as of late, my confidence has been swaying. Cheers Gerry
  12. Hi Shaun, Any news on this. Regards Gerry
  13. Hi Shaun, Discussed this shimmering issue with you a few weeks ago and you where going to get back re an update on this. Any news? Cheers Gerry
  14. Sorry Aerosoft, unfortunatly the no sid and star input in the MCDU has killed my decision to purchase an otherwise nice looking product. if the decision to make a advanced on this then I will go for it. Best wishes on this product Gerry
  15. Fabian, Thankyou for the updated info Best regards Gerry
  16. Hi Shaun, Any info update on this? Best regards Gerry
  17. Hi Can anyone from Aerosoft give any possible information as to an update on Monastir, to help aleviate the shimmering? Best regards Gerry
  18. There are definitely dynamic objects. AI-Traffic is included as well as Monastir is featured by AES. Maybe you should try another daytime? At about 12 am there is the most action.
  19. Monastir is excellent. The night,dusk,and dawn textures along with the lighting is superb. My only complaints is the severe shimmering on the stands and building areas.Something I have not experienced for a very long time in MSFS.I have tried with a lot of nHAncer settings, without results... In the product description it states static and dynamic objects like vehicles and buses. I only see static objects. Regards Gerry
  20. I have Monastir for FS9 and have had it since it's first release and it's my most visited airport both in real life and MSFS. The new FSX version look's very fresh and crisp and I will be looking forward to it's release. BTW How long Monastir has got left in real life is up for question as they are presently building a new airport situated halfway between Monastir and Hammamet. Regards Gerry
  21. Thanks Shaun, I take your point on the taxiways but I also get the dirt trails when exiting the runway onto the taxiway also If I use the progressive taxi this is partly buried beneath the ground. Regards Gerry
  22. looking at this a bit further it looks like I'm getting the default runway showing through as there is also double line markings on the runway. I don't have any other LHBP airports or scenery installed or another afcad for this airport. Can I have some feedback or advice from Aerosoft on this? Thankyou Regards Gerry
  23. I'm getting dirt trails at LHBP FSX since update 1.50 This is happening at various spots throughtout the tarmac areas Anyone else getting this? I have attached some screen shots. Gerry
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