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  1. Bit the bullet after some equivocal replies from Microsoft Never going to give me a password for an account didn’t exist because of using a boxed set up which had an email but no password that I can recall in order to install Paid another £70 and added premium deluxe update to the basic MSFS2020 install which seemed to work OK All good now -lesson for me! xxd09
  2. I noted that some planes are missing -having recovered my installation I now seem to have a MSFS 2020 Standard setup Planes are there in Microsoft Flight Simulator/Official/OneStore file Anything I could try to get recognition of Premium DeLuxe installation xxd09
  3. Got it going again with a new email address creating a Microsoft account (with password) and which saw my MFS 2020 installation in Microsoft Store Hae to reset Settings again but all good so far Thanks for your prompt reply and help Malcom Beaton
  4. I was happily running my boxed version of Microsoft Flight Simulator Went on Holiday for 3 weeks Started the sim and Microsoft is now asking for a Password under my email address for XBoxLive I do not possess such a password and certainly not an XBoxLive account Anything I could try? Malcolm Beaton
  5. I have a full spec computer which has a CD player fortuitously Not really used much nowadays I just leave Disc1in it The icon that starts MSFS2020 seems to find it and off we go Probably a external CD player via a USB would be the answer as has been said above xxd09
  6. This is what I arrived at by trial and error All working now These installation instructions should be included with the DVDs We should not have to arrive at this point by trial and error xxd09
  7. That was a struggle ! Installed all 10 discs - validated -etc etc onto my PC Then it asked for Game Disc-what is that? Ran around the Microsoft Store XBox etc etc-totally confused I used to run FSX and have a P3Dv5hf2 and XPlane setups currently-not a novice! Uninstalled everything to do with Microsoft Simulator via Win10 -Settings-uninstall Reinstalled -asked for validation but didn’t work but must have been in the system and OK cos arrived at demand for Game Disc again Thought I would try Disc 1-lo and behold off it went! Recognised my Hotas Controller and Keyboard /Mouse Press any key-actually was rt press on mouse and main MSFS 2020 screen came up Flew to Courchavel with default settings and landed safely! Installed one Orbx airport Whew -onwards and upwards xxd09
  8. xxd09

    MFS 2020

    When will MFS 2020 DVDs be posted out to customers? I ordered and paid on 15th July xxd09
  9. As a relative amateur I read the latest posts on the Lorby_SI board at Avsim before installation The posts put me off -I think that an update is in the works xxd09 Thanks for that-did the business-await the update xxd09
  10. As a relative amateur I read the latest posts on the Lorby_SI board at Avsim before installation The posts put me off -I think that an update is in the works xxd09 Post is by Jean-Claude “Using P4A0 with new Orbx Centre v4”
  11. Lorby_SI the P3AO you mention does not seem very happy with Orbx Central which I now use Advises not using his product at the moment if Orbx Central installed Will hang fire till he worlds out what to do xxd09
  12. Thanks for that Disabling Lukla via P3D v4 Menu Bar/Options/Add-ons does not do it for my setup If I add .off to the Lukla file in the P3Dv4.5 AddOns in Documents-then all is good .Clumsy but works for me xxd09 PS Lordy might be a way to go?
  13. Thanks for prompt reply Any thoughts on remedies for the average flight simmer who enjoys both products but is rather disconcerted at having to find out incompatibilities the hard and expensive way ! Probably the price we all have to pay for fast moving /developing programs? xxd09
  14. It maybe of interest to know that when I updated my P3Dv4.5 to Hotfix2 that I lost a lot of my Orbyx vegetation density esp Trees I was flying in the Washington area-Israel’s Farm WA56 etc On a suggestion fro the Orbyx P3Dv4 board I tried disabling Aerosoft Lukla Everest-latest installation This restored my Orbyx Scenery density to previous levels xxd09
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