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  1. The transatlantic cable is probably busy with skype and zoom connections xDDD
  2. Mathijs, Robert, Fernando and all the other developers, who might read this thread, You guys do great work! And I think your cooperation and camaraderie, as Fernando mentions it, makes it possible that there are so many products in totally different price categories so every FS pilot finds a product that matches his needs. Thank you for your work and dedication! Of course you don't do this for charity but to earn your money with it but IMO it's obvious that everyone benefits from each other and in the end we customers get great products.
  3. I see. I have manually moved the newly created Aerosoft folder in C:\documents to its D alias and now everything works fine.
  4. Hello Mathijs and Andreas, I have just downloaded the latest A330 installer from my Aerosoft account too and installed version as mentioned in the download library. The AS Updater didn't find the Airbus so I checked the paths above. Regedit showed me that the A330 installer forced the updater file to go into C:\Users\...\Documents however I have moved my WHOLE documents folder to my D drive with a comand console procedure. Unfortunately I don't remember the exact way, it was when P3D introduced the addon folder installation. So as long as you force it to C I guess everyone who placed the Doc folder somewhere else will run into this problem. I have moved the xml file and will try if it works. Cheers, Marc btw: the LiveryInstaller has the same problem, it shows an error and finds no addons. It's placed into C as well. Same as the General folder.
  5. Michael, thanks for the quick reaction too. I wonder how nobody has brought this up earlier.. maybe there are differences in the sim version etc? anyway, it works well now, thanks! Honestly, I hope to see a fuel crossfeed one day but the airplane is really fun to manage. I did an approach in IMC into MMMX yesterday, flying there from Sint Martin.. certainly a new experience after all that 737/A320 management. It's a little faster than a C172 Using 4 independant throttles that's simply an amazing aircraft!
  6. Ok, thank you. I'll do that.
  7. Hello everyone, yesterday I got the DC-8 and I wonder about the payload manager and the CG. I'll attach a screenshot, it tells more than a thousand words.. The CG is far to the back, it actually is higher than the stabilizer setting table allows it. All I have done was to install the aircraft and load it up. However I have to stick with version 2.0 as with the latest update 2.1 I can't move the stab trim. (I have written about it in the other thread). For what it's worth the P3D payload manager shows the CG well in the middle, even slightly forward. Looking at the payload stations it Station 3, 7, 12 and 16 in use. I can put all the weight of 13000lbs to the front cargo section to get a CG of 27% MAC. Is there something I miss??
  8. Can't edit, so a third post: I'm back to v2.0.0.. The trim works now, using v2.1 it does not. Not using the P3D controls either.
  9. Which dll.xml do you use? there's one in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 and one in C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4... no comment on that, I've resigned to understand that. What would be the entry? So I could enter it manually, as I don't see any Aerosoft entries in neither file.. Weird enough I have an XMLTools64 entry in BOTH files.. everything else is different. Thanks
  10. Hi Michael I just attempt my first flight with the DC-8 and have no stab trim either. I do have the trim buttons on my yoke set to elev trim up and down via the FSUIPC buttons (right side) as I am absolutely no fan of assigning hardware controls via the P3D controls (I use to have a custom hardware setup - joysticks and yoke - for every aircraft I fly and FSUIPC and Linda manage this quite well in opposite of P3D. Does the stab trim HAVE to be set via P3D to work? Also I have seen a dll.xml install failure during setup as it couldn't find the location for whatever reason..I'm yet to understand all those locations where P3D puts its files.. But everything else of the DC8 seems to work just fine.. Thanks, Marc Edit: This is the error. I have my P3D installed into my P: drive (SSD) while the dll.xml file is located on the main system drive c:. could this be the problem?
  11. with the AirBerlin 320 sitting there most likely ORBX
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