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  1. Hello guys, I really enjoy the new version of PFPX. Before with PFPX 1.xx we had a delete all option in Schedule and Aircraft editor (under the other button). It seems this option is missing under 2.03. Have you plan to add it with a further update ? Cheers. Pelgrims Jean-Francois
  2. stortkanda

    PFPX issue with internet

    Hello folks, Same issue here glad I'm not the only one ;) Have a nice day people ! Pelgrims Jean-Francois
  3. Hello there I wonder will it be an update soon for Ruhr ? I hope for all the xmas markt and perhaps the deviation for line 263/268 will be over ? Have a nice evening Pelgrims Jean-Francois
  4. Hi there, I have this little texture issues with the Solaris Urbino (RUHR extension) as you can see some part of the info screen are missing.... Is there a fix for that issue ? Thx Pelgrims Jean-Francois
  5. stortkanda

    Brussels International preview

    Fingers cross ^^ Pelgrims Jean-Francois
  6. stortkanda

    Repaint requests

    Hi there any chance to have an Adria CRJ-700 ? Thx a lot. Jeff.
  7. stortkanda

    Brussels International preview

    Hi there I wish all of you the best for 2017. Hope to have news about the project very soon. 😁 Have a nice day. Jeff. Envoyé de mon SM-G920F en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. Can't wait to made some flight between Brussels and some Brussels Airlines African destination, amazing work guys ! Cheers. Jeff
  9. stortkanda

    Brussels International preview

    Yeah due to wind this morning rwy 1 was used for landing and 7 for take off. I like when rwy 1 is in used coz the plane passed just over my head when I'm at work in this area ^^ (Kraainem for the people who knows)
  10. stortkanda

    Repaint request

    Hi guys, This beautiful bird will fly accros Europe with this stuning Livery ! I hope one of the Aerosoft artist will bring it to the A320 family Cheers ! Jeff
  11. Someone knows if the new repaint of the OO-SNB (called Rackham ^^) is available somewhere ?
  12. stortkanda

    The Aerosoft A330X Paint Wishlist

    May I add also the A330-200 from Brussels Airlines ? I know it's not official but would be nice to have both the A333 and the A332 Pelgrims Jean-Francois but call me Jeff