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  1. I think indeed that the V4.3 is not supported. An upgrade to V4.5 is not interresting, it's just a few minor changes in P3D. I will upgrade next year directly to V5, more interresting, a lot of changes and improvements... For now, I will revert back to ENGM V113 which is working fine. Many thanks for your help, both of you. Have a very good day Daniel
  2. I have uninstalled via the uninstal.exe, as it should. I will check the other options that you mention tommorrow morning, I'll keep you advise...
  3. I don't have P3DV4.5, I use the 4.3 version, maybe the installer for P3DV4 is not made for P3DV4.3. It seems that the difference comes from here...
  4. Yes, absolutely, this one: (AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-OSLO-2.0_P3DV4_V1140.zip - 17.06.2020 15:18:00 | 356 MB) Strange thing is that the size of the P3DV5 installer is exactly the same that the one for P3DV4, 356 MB ! Maybe that in the download section, something is wrong?
  5. Hi, Installing version for P3d V4 (I use P3d V4.3, with only P3d textures, so no ORBX, no Norway FTX) with of course administrator rights and after deleting previous version V113, I have now with this version black runways, black gates ground, no docking system (I have VDGS pack installed and SODE latest version 1.7.1), it seems that some textures are missing, I reinstalled 3 times but same result! With all of other airport scenery everythings is normal, never have this before. Please see pictures in attachment... Any Idea? Daniel
  6. Hi, Great job about the V2.0 Professional updated to but a small error concerning position F77, this does not exist anymore for several years, but the KLM 737s are sent by P3D ATC (V4.3) to this position via the INNER and Y taxiways, while in reality the positions allocated to KLM are B35 and B31. In addition, taxiway Y is limited to planes with a maximum wingspan of 28m, the 737NG has a wingspan of 35.8m! Flying on a real professional 737NG flighdeck for KLM Virtual Airline this is very frustrating. Maybe another AFCAD file to correct this? Best regards Da
  7. Hello Jo,


    I buy Tromso X 2 days ago, install it with administrator rights of course, fantastic scenery but just one problem, when pushing back, after a few meters and from any gate or parking position a crash with invisible object occurs! I don't have ORBX or GSX, just P3d v4.3 and AS4, for your information.


    I know, regarding the forums about that issue, that the solution is to deactivate "Crash Detection" in P3d when flying to or from Tromso and indeed that works but for me, having a professional simulator, a full 737NG flightdeck by Flightdeck Solutions, it is not a real solution, because not realistic for real Ryanair pilots coming here for additional training, if for exemple a landing is too hard or on a tailstrike take off.  


    I have 20 Aerosoft and Justsim airport installed and Tromso X is the only one with this issue! So Jo, do you maybe have a small fix for that issue, please?


    Best regards


    Daniel Nile


  8. Brussels airport the scenario we will never see, three years (since the july 2013) that Aerosoft is rolling us in flour and is busy with this medium airport (Brussels Airport is not a big airport, no bigger than EKCH or LOWW), designers who live far from Belgium and have never seen with their own eyes the Brussels Airport while Justsim or flyTampa realize a big airport such as LEBL or EHAM in a few months with a quality and fluidity much superior and irreproachable! Scandalous to make people hope by sending them a pathetic image every three months, finding every time an apology, to repeat tha
  9. Many thanks Mathijs and all the Aerosoft team, great news! Have a very good evening Lulu47
  10. Thanks for the respons but still hoping that Shaun or someone else as a beter solution because this is absolutely not realistic!
  11. HI Shaun, Flying always with real weather update every 15 min in FSX, EHAM ATIS gives fake and extra rwy that not exist (for example ILS runway 18R, runway 18R visual then ILS runway 19, runway 19 visual, ILS runway 20, runway 20 visual, ILS runway 21, runway 21 visual and so on...), of course I select in the AFCAD utility, afcad South, West, East or North depending on the wind direction, for information I use Ultimate Trafic 2. I've seen same problem for some other airports in other topics here, problem comes apparently from Xwind rwy but is it a solution for retrieving a normal ATIS?
  12. Indeed, I made confusion between FSX traffic and AES Lite Traffic, FIX applied and problem solved. Many thanks Shaun and Oliver
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