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  1. Great...it works!! Now Im getting an overall frame rate of 25fps!!! And with my first test flight (VFR traffic pattern), I've not noticed any degradiation of the textures, still sharp with good quality!! Thats a good base setting, which can be adjusted in sense of fine tuning if necessary!!! Now I can finally enjoy flying inbound Frankfurt! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you very much for your effort!! I will test it out tomorrow and I let you know!!
  3. But why its happening only at EDDF? The rest of my flown destinations have a plausible frame rate. Do you suggest to lowering my setting and especially the texture filtering? Strange is also, that the frame rates are jumping. for 3-4 sec they are at 8-12fps and for 2-3 sec they are at 20-25fps
  4. Thank you for the respons. I have deactivated the AI Traffic, cause I'm flying only online. Will make now some screenshots and I will post them in about 20 min Thank you!!
  5. Hi everybody, I have an issue only with the V2.0 of EDDF. I'm getting only about 8-14 FPS on this airport, which is very annoying. It's happening only on EDDF, I'm getting on all other Add-On sceneries about 25-30. Dont know what I#m doing wrong. I've tried several settings, such as lowering the AA or deactivating the dynamic lights/reflections but it gives me jus about 2-5 fps increase. Is there any tip you can give me to solve it. I saw many videos, where other users are getting 20 fps or even 30fps. My specs are: I7 8700K @ 4.8GHz RTX 2060 16GB RAM Thank you all for your time!
  6. it would be great to have an airport with such a detail like eddp, eddk, etc. its like a dream!
  7. yes, its perfect for freeware, but when i see the new airports like eddp etc., lgts or lgav are nothing infront of that if you understand me!
  8. lovely Aerosoft team, i wanted to ask, if we, the FS fanatics, can do some request of airports, aircrafts etc. If so, i want to suggest Athens, Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (LGAV) or/and Makedonia International Airport(LGTS)! if you need any help of pics ( taken by myself) or other stuff let me know! thank you! Mit freundlichen Grüßen THE GREEK
  9. can anybody tell me, how to do this on my own?, wich texture files are for the several vehicels? is there any specia file for each airport? i realy want to paint aes in greece with the greek colour of olympic!
  10. Danke oliver!!!!!!! hoffe dass es noch mehr griechische airports noch geben wird wie lgts, lgrp, lgkr. die haben alle auch keine gangways. und glaub mir, ich mach das nicht was du denkst! ICH SCHWÖRE!!!!!! 8)
  11. letzte frage und bitte antwoten: bist du aber in der lage zu sagen, ob du an griechische airports gedacht hast?
  12. mich kannst du ja gerne nicht ernst nehmen, aber ich bin nicht der einzige (grieche) der sich die diese airports für aes wünscht! willst du jetzt nur weil du mich nicht leiden kannst kein einzigen griechischen airport reintun? wär unfair für die anderen!
  13. hi, superbilder. könnte man in der 2.0V auch mit einer verschönerung auf den griechischen flughäfen rechnen wie LGAV,LGTS,LGKR,LGRP,LGHI usw?
  14. ich weiß ich habs schonmal reingeschrieben aber ich kanns einfach nicht lassen! ginge es wenn man die freewareairports lgts und lgav (und vieleicht noch andere griechische airports8) ) mit aes ausrüsten?
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