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  1. Hi, I have just purchased this via the Aerosoft shop and used a voucher to pay the whole amount. When I got to the page asking for payment type I had no idea what to do (as it was covered by the voucher) so I selected 'Press Copy' as this was the only option that did not ask for a payment type. The download has appeared in my account but has no serial number so I can't activate it. Please can someone assist ? Thanks Martin Littlemore
  2. So I followed the Thrustmaster instruction on moving the throttles to each detent and pressing the side buttons before pressing another button shown and unplugging the USB cable. I also reset the 2 files you recommended and all then seemed to work once I set up the axis and buttons as per the Aerosoft instructions
  3. Hi pleased to say I recalibrated again and all now works! Thanks for all your suggestions and help!
  4. No sorry, when the vc is in idle detent the TCA is in reverse thrust
  5. Hi, no not using mods. I reset as described and now I can get most of the detente except no reverse thrust which when I pull the throttles on the TCA back goes to idle detent on the vc . Not sure if I’ll get better than this and can manage but disappointing it doesn’t work. Not sure if you have any other ideas? thanks martin
  6. I’ve just gone into a different airbus and now the TCa is back to not recognising reverse thrust anymore , this is completely ridiculous !
  7. Hi bob, yes TCa works inside windows control panel with detects as d3cribed i have ticked the TCa box in configurator no assignments in fsuipc ive checked and no double assignments I can see. ive run the thrustmaster calibration and I now get reverse thrust but the throttles miss idle detent and go to clb and then pick up toga detent. To get idle I have to hold the throttle in place. Better than it was but still not working right. I am running p3d v4.5 any ideas please? thanks martin
  8. hi Bob, Yes i get the correct indications as shown
  9. Thanks, i've followed these instructions and it still doesn't work - surely someone at Aerosoft has worked out the problems and can give a definitive answer ??? Also the instructions dont make sense, it says about using the mouse to select 'continue' when calibrating, but this isn't an option that is shown ??
  10. I have followed the instructions on set up for the aerosoft airbus A318-321, including axis and key assignments and ticking the box in the configurator.i have also calibrated by pushing the throttles forward and back . When I load up the Airbus the throttle fails to correspond to the climb indent or the idle indent , the only way to get it to the idle indent is to put the hardware to reverse thrust, so I don’t have any reverse thrust . How do I configure so it works please this is driving me insane!!! thanks Martin Littlemore
  11. I have followed all the instructions above, however my throttles don't engage with the 'climb' indent or the 'idle' indent and only go to 'idle' if i go to reverse thrust, which means I don't get any reverse thrust. Please can someone advise ? Thanks. Martin Littlemore
  12. Hi, I updated to PFPX 2.04, the only issue I know have is that no flight plan, using P3dV4.5, will save to PMDG 747 QOTS2 or PMDG 737 NGXu. I have tried all sorts of route combinations and all I get is errors about 'can't write' to the directory . Screenshot attached for reference. I use the 'Browse' function to set the routes which are ok for the other add-ons I have. Please can someone help ? Thanks, Martin
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