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  1. The info as requested: I have the m files created and can load CRJ without any problem using the “load of a default aircraft first” trick. My Anti virus is Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KAV). Anyway all this process of m files creation and crj loading never flagged any AV task neither windows firewall.
  2. Mathijs, as i mentioned 16h ago, and later about examples of variables initialization on fsx with complex airliners, yes, its consistent! Every time i open CRJ after msfs starts and/or after CRJ loaded it ctd. But if i loaded immediately after a default aircraft was loaded (and not need to be on the same flight session), it always load with success. So I open msfs, create a new flight, load it, close to main menu (not need to do the flight), then create a new flight (NOW with CRJ) and load it and it not crash and everything ok! (all with dev mode off)
  3. to all that couldn’t even loaded it for the 1st time, please try what was mentioned before: First load a default aircraft, then go to main menu and after that, load CRJ.
  4. Maybe i’m wrong but i think this can be something about variable initialization. It remembers me even from fsx times when some complex airliners only worked well if you previously load the default cessna, if you direct load the airliner some internal vars had random values and aircraft behave wrong.
  5. I have, as mentioned before, the ctd or not ctd depending of load previously any default aircraft. Always on admin mode (my account is full admin) 24GB ram my OS is on C and my msfs on P from ms store, so all the profile folders of msfs were automatically symbolic linked to P drive done automatically by the ms store installer. (but i think here is not the issue, because having this or all msfs on c from what we saw in replies also have ctd).
  6. I also have the CTD with CRJ on msfs, few secs after i press the Fly button. M files on: \AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\aerosoft-crj with: MS Store msfs version + CRJ from ingame marketplace. After some tests I figured out that CRJ only loads if i previously open a default aircraft. Strait away CRJ load = CTD (start msfs, crj) If load default aircraft THEN CRJ = Success (default aircraft, crj) If load CRJ (with success) THEN CRJ (on other location) = CTD (default aircraft, crj, crj)
  7. I installed it on P3Dv5.1 and until now it runs fantastic and very ok. I did a full flight from C&D to land without any issues including usage of AP. The only weird thing is that in every click on the views thumbnail icons it reopens the checklist window (not a show stopper). So i’m glad with the result and recommend you all try to install the Twotter Extend on P3Dv5.1
  8. I think the same, imho, many of that msfs customers are people that used gamepass try for 1 usd to give it a try. Also for fs users that like to fly something that is more complex than a c182, the xp11 and p3d are the kings. Probably the dhc-6 works, because i have Antartica, it mentioned as compatible with p3dv5 and installed the dhc-6 artic version thats included! I tried and looks that works, so i will install the big one, anyway will be nice to listen more feedback if really works or not... Thank You!
  9. Hello Guenter Zehnel, I already solved, i turned off the UAC in User Manager of MSVista. Thanks very much Best regards Tercio Sampaio
  10. Hello, I recently brought the World of Subways but it have a strange problem: Anytime i start this simulator it question me to activate it. I insert the correct serial and email, it say me that "key is valid and stored" and starts correctly BUT when i want to start again this simulator, it say me that i must activate it again, this is very very annoying. Please help me! I have Vista OS and also tried with anti-virus and others applications closed without success. The Serial key is not stored! Thanks in advance With best regards Tercio Sampaio
  11. Hello, There is a solution for that????? Thanks in advance With best regards Tercio Sampaio
  12. Hello SAF, I check it, before i had 21 but i have a little montain on that location, so then i change that value to 19 as said on the FAQ on the Lukla manual, and the result is much better like the picture above. I have FS Global 2005 Special Ed. installed, But even when i desactivate it the small triangle doens't disapears, i haven't other scenery to that location! Thanks in advance With best regards Tercio Sampaio
  13. Hello, I have lukla with all configuration recomended in lukla's manual but i have this problem (see the black triangle): Please help me and thanks in advance With best regards Tercio Sampaio
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