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  1. Hello Guenter Zehnel, I already solved, i turned off the UAC in User Manager of MSVista. Thanks very much Best regards Tercio Sampaio
  2. Hello, I recently brought the World of Subways but it have a strange problem: Anytime i start this simulator it question me to activate it. I insert the correct serial and email, it say me that "key is valid and stored" and starts correctly BUT when i want to start again this simulator, it say me that i must activate it again, this is very very annoying. Please help me! I have Vista OS and also tried with anti-virus and others applications closed without success. The Serial key is not stored! Thanks in advance With best regards Tercio Sampaio
  3. Hello, There is a solution for that????? Thanks in advance With best regards Tercio Sampaio
  4. Hello SAF, I check it, before i had 21 but i have a little montain on that location, so then i change that value to 19 as said on the FAQ on the Lukla manual, and the result is much better like the picture above. I have FS Global 2005 Special Ed. installed, But even when i desactivate it the small triangle doens't disapears, i haven't other scenery to that location! Thanks in advance With best regards Tercio Sampaio
  5. Hello, I have lukla with all configuration recomended in lukla's manual but i have this problem (see the black triangle): Please help me and thanks in advance With best regards Tercio Sampaio
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