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  1. Great images, shame you can't do anything about the models. Guess we will have to wait for Asabo to improve them.
  2. I see that there is an update for sim-wings Tenerife updated to 1.1.0, AS Updater states that no updates are available, do I need to install 'Aerosoft One' to be able to update it and future updates? Thanks.
  3. I think he is getting it from the link above. If you look at the second picture down, underneath it states "These settings are more or less standard but mandatory for Aerosoft Simple Traffic to work correctly.", however the Nameplates option does not have an arrow, so it's not clear if it is needed or not.
  4. Any plans to remodel the nose of the aircraft, they look terrible.
  5. I've tried a few things, so I started MSFS and spawned at J7 in the default 787 and the jetway connected, I then spawned at J7 in the default A320, and that also connected okay. I shutdown MSFS and restarted it, spawned at J7 in the default A320 and it failed to connect, I then spawned using the 787 and it connected okay, I then tried the A320 again and it connected okay. It seems to fail to connect to the A320 for me if I start with the A320, if I use another airplane and then use the A320 it works, very strange.
  6. That's weird, I just tried the default A320 and that's the same, doesn't connect, ASUpdater shows 'Installed version:', not sure what is going on there.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply, I just fly the A320 so didn't try other aircraft, but for me it's just the J7 and J3 gates not working, just had a quick check and the rest seem to work OK. It's not really a big thing for me, just a nice to have, the ILS issue was more important to me and since that was fixed I ended up purchasing it, airport is great BTW, happy with the purchase.
  8. Anyone else having problems with the jetway not connecting properly, here is J7 'connected'.
  9. Good news, the ILS issue was the thing stopping me from purchasing it.
  10. OK, thank you for the reply, I tend to mix it up with autolands and manual landings, scenery certainly looks very good.
  11. Have you checked the ILS offset again as I'm looking to purchase it but don't want to if the ILS is not accurate using aircraft like the default or FBW A320, thanks.
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