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  1. Ok, I found what causes this, REX Global Airport Textures. After uninstalling it everything is back to normal.
  2. Just checked, default planes suffer from the same issue.
  3. Hello, I haven't flown CRJ for a while (3 weeks) and today I see some strange things going on with my contrails. Any idea why? and how to fix it?
  4. PMDG releases DC-6 on friday, so I don’t have high hopes for Brussels this week.
  5. Fly Tampa is making one, don't think that someone else will cover it after them.
  6. I have similar problem, before SU4, and still have. If I take off from EDDM it’s fine, if I try to land on 26 left or right - CTD.
  7. ASU says that I should download new installer from website, but in my instant downloads I have only ver 1.0
  8. Don't know if it's true. ORBX updates are usually 2 weeks earlier on their platform than in Marketplace, same goes for everything that is sold via Contrail app. That is why I have bought like 3 out of 50 addons I have through Marketplace.
  9. I wouldn’t count on that, there is some kind of agreement that CRJ on marketplace and from AS will be updated at the same time. Game updates on tuesdays and thursdays so now U know when to expect an update.
  10. 7 weeks has passed since update and cjr7 still zigzags, still cannot fly ILS glide slope constantly flying under it. Sometimes even dives to the ground as soon as APPR button is pressed or just flies level instead of 3deg glide slope.
  11. I have the same issue, straight leg, 15knots crosswind and plane just sways left and right, even with 1/2 bank on it turnus with 20deg bank angle. FBW320 was swaying left and right for some time, but it never had any problems flying in a straight line in crosswing. I cannot believe it never was tested before release.
  12. I hope that we will get significant update for this airport, don't mind if it will take aditional 6GB of disc space to look good. After seeing what NZA Simulations did with Hobart we should expect more from 20+ Euro addon.
  13. I believe that ENVA got new lighting in recent update, so EDDK should also get it.
  14. Worked for this guy: https://forum.navigraph.com/t/msfs-store-crj-marketplace-navdata-location/4610
  15. Hi, Where can I find template file for CRJ so I can add it to PFPX? I know it was included in previous releases but I didn't buy version for FSX/P3D.
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