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  1. I rarely ever use a 2D panel unless the gauges are unreadable, but as it stands I can definitely live without 2D.
  2. I dont know if it would help as I dont have FS Cargo yet, but do us FS9.1 and have Freight Dogs scenery, as well as the Aerosoft Beaver, D18 Marthas Vineyard, and Misty Fjords, as well as ASV6, all released BEV textures, UT USA, UT Canada/Alaska, Flight Environment, Zinertech Ultimate Night Environment Pro, CanUK Canada sceneries, many addon freeware Alaska and canada sceneries, registered FSUIPC, Ultimate Traffic, Active Camera, IGFly Walk and Follow, FSPassengers, all FSGenesis terrain and landclass files for USA, Canada, and Alaska, and a bunch of aircraft, all the latest versions or updates available, and I have had no CTDs in the area or around the area using Freight Dogs scenery with any aircraft I have used in the area, or used while taking off from one of the airports. System: 2.8 Ghz, P4, 200 GB HD, nVidia 6800 GT 256 mb with latest drivers, 1 gig RAM
  3. As they say "Low and slow" VFR is the best
  4. Looks fantastic, and a definite must have addition to anyone's aircraft folder if they like float me (just make sure it has disappearing pilots when the parking brake is engaged, or if in water the tie downs are in place) - Yeah Im odd
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