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  1. Hi Francois Happy to report is would appear to have solved my proble, at least flying out of CBM5 using the beaver. Still a mystery why I only had CTD with the beaver and no other plane. I will test thougharly tomorrow. Thanks for yor help. Shaun,
  2. Hi Will down load now and try. Shaun
  3. Hi Guys I have had several CTD but I don't have FE installed. What I have installed is AS V6 build 456, but that so far has not been running. FS Global, BEV, UTUSA, Misty Fjords. OS XP sp2 6800 Ultra driv 7189 Creative 24 bit. One thing I havn't got intalled is FS 9.1. Never installed the patch Can't think of anything else at the moment. Shaun
  4. Hi I removed a number of add ons. FS global, misty and birds eye, it still did it, this was always using the beaver ( land version ). I then tryed starting up with a diffierent plane and used the default cessna instead,this was starting at CBM5 ( Telegraph Creek ), this is where I experience the CTD, an other one was still at CBM5 but I had just departed on a flight when it happened. As i said,using the cessna 172 I sat there on one of the GA ramps with engines running then off. I changed views several times with no CTD. I then switched plane over to the Twin beach with no CTD. I also went to other airfields trying out the same actions,even using the beaver and every thing is ok. I then go back to CBM5 again i have changed back to the default 172 and all is ok. Then to the Twin Beech all ok. Then I change to the beaver and before I can switch views bingo, a black screen for several seconds and then microsoft tell me there has been an fatal error. It talks about " AppName fs9exe. Appver 9.0.0 3061 modname sim1.dll". I close it and i'm back at desk top. Hope this can help. Shaun
  5. Hi Francois No. That was someone else. Shaun
  6. Hi All Just need to find out if anyone else is experiencing crashes back to desk top. Also installed I have Misty , UTUSA and birds eye. I am going through the process of elimination at the moment, but just want to find out if any one else is having the problem. If I have to start uninstalling bit by bit I will, but only as a last resort.. Shaun
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