Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. Almost all of them are bought using stolen credit cards. These codes will all be blocked by our systems and you will have to try to get your money back from the seller, we are unable to assist in these matters. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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  1. I use full screen. And I only clicked on the PFD in the VC to open the 2D panel. Then it crashed.
  2. Just tried a flight. Crashed when clicking on the PFD to bring up the 2D panel. I had the "Create minidumps on crashes" option in the CRJ manager selected but it did not create a dump file in the P3Dv4 main folder...
  3. Yes, I'm running ChasePlane. (Which doesn't cause CTDs with any other add-on aircraft on my system). The sim is P3Dv4.2.
  4. Hi Mathijs, I'm using Prepar3d v4.2 and Windows 10 Professional (english version). As I said, when preparing the aircraft on the ground, I do click on the pop-ups every once in a while and they work fine. I have to resize them as I'm using a triple monitor setup which means the dimensions are completely wrong, when popping them up for the first time (which is P3D/FSX problem and happens with all aircraft). However, after opening and closing them a couple of times, I get CTDs. Up to this point it only happened when popping up the PFD. It tried to use only the co-pilot's PFD on my last flight, but also got a CTD. I have a very well maintained P3D as I would regard myself as a real power user who does have a deeper understanding of the inner workings, file structure, etc. of P3D. And I have various other add-ons (e.g. PMDG planes, FSL bus, Majestic Q400) where I don't have problems with CTDs when popping up the gauges. Hope this helps. Best regards
  5. Hi, I get CTDs when I click on the PFD to open the 2D pop-up. The event viewer shows a kernelbase.dll error. The CTD does not happen with any click. I can click it mutliple times and then all of a sudden in midflight, when I try to open the 2D popup again, then it crashes. Is this a known problem? Thanks for your help! PS: I don't have CTDs with any other add-on aircraft.
  6. PC Aviator AU has finally updated the Ibiza X Evo installer this morning.
  7. Would be great if you could try to contact PC Aviator Australia, too. Thanks!
  8. Because it still has not been sorted out. I'm supposed to enjoy the product and not run after shops or the publisher to get an updated installer. And honestly, I don't see the problem why Aerosoft cannot implement I mechanism for external customers to register their products and make installers available. There are many examples of developers who provide installers regardless of where you bought the product. E.g. Flightbeam, FS Dreamteam, Hifi, etc. PS: The post above only talked about Flightsimstore. That's a different shop.
  9. I have the same issues with PCAviator Australia. I bought Ibiza X Evolution at that shop and they still have version 1.01 on the download page!!! I contacted them via their support system and email to no avail. No answers, nothing. So I'm stuck with an old version which I cannot install into P3Dv4. Very unhappy customer here... By the way: I also contacted Aerosoft support with the issue. First they told me that I can access the updated installer after registering the product in the support database. But there is no way to register Ibiza X Evo. I got back to them and never heard back. I understand the point that others make the profit, but you should certainly think about stopping sales at these unreliable shops if Aerosoft itself is not willing to help. In the end, I purchased an Aerosoft product and now I'm an extremely unhappy customer. Leaves a bad taste with Aerosoft as well.
  10. Thanks for this great update. Love this livery. One question: Would it be possible to do a (fictional) variant which has the "Siegerflieger" lettering after the "Fanhansa" just like the 747 in real life has? Or a (fictional) Alaska Airlines repaint of the A319...
  11. A fictional Alaska Airlines repaint for any of the A32X would be really nice...
  12. Would love to see a fictional Alaska Airlines repaint...
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