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  1. Hi, small changes - we are now in the Fly-In Lobby - you will need a password to connect to the server (softaero)
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  2. This whole thread is a joke. Yes the screenshots are nice but if you quit FS why do we need to know??? What's the point of broadcasting that information? And as Bruce said, you will be back.
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  3. It doesn't support Logitech's G25 or G27 in "force-feedback" either. If CBS is going to make a claim like this (Post #1), they should list which ones it does support. This is false advertisement and/or misreprestation. It also qualifies for a refund if you choose to do so. In relation to the steering, and the delay it has, can be manually done from your profiler, and the game engine, but for people unfamiliar with this is a disappointment by Aerosoft. This has been Aerosoft's weak spot for this game. They came up with one patch addressing this, and it still comes up short. A better developer for wheel coding is what's needed here, not to mention "PLAY TESTERS". The scenery is nice, and strolling through the city is a nifty change. The weather is also a nice change from most driving games. I don't like driving with a keyboard/mouse. Those days are long dead for me. So Aerosoft..... pick up the ball you dropped, and patch up the steering better if you want more sales. Bad word of mouth travels faster than light. I would rate this game a 9/10 if the steering worked properly. On a so called driving game this is a must for me, and I have to give it a 6/10.
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