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    Hello Everyone, Since I've installed FSX, I've problems with the missions (default and addon). If I start mission everything loads fine, but there are fhings missing. For example the default oil rig mission: If the mission has loaded, the Bell206 stands on an invisible pad and the building is also invisible. There is no compass (and yes I have selected it in the menu), there is also no sound of the guy who suppose to talk to me telling me what to do. Please could someone help me? I would like to get this fixed. System: Win7 Pro (Win7 is not the problem cause I had it also in Win Vista) FSX+ACC Again please help me out of this! Greetings! Thomas
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    Yesterday I took a closer look at EGLC and the surroundings. Suddenly I have flickering runway textures, deep lines through the water and also water creeping up on the banks What could cause this? I have a lot of addons, but most are now disabled to find the cause of this, especially my UK addons ofcourse. I also have UTX Europe (now disabled) and GEX Europe. The attached pics are from my last reinstall, showing both banks around EGLC. All London X entries are on top of the scenery library. Michael 2009-11-13_15-17-30-728.BMP 2009-11-13_16-38-25-895.BMP
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    I can not say who the professional aspect of the project is for at this moment. Let's say that a lot of maintenance crews will be seeing the model in 2010 ok? There is good demand for these kinds of models and we are sure it's going to end up in a few more sims (can you read AFS2012 here?) The people of Air Berlin are good friends, they are just a few hundred meters from our HQ and they helped us in every way. So our models are foremost based on how their pits looks (every airline has got it's own little tweaks here and there). But also we got a lot of help from Air France, just last weekend I spend three hours with some major Air France training pilots guys going over the VC and letting them test the way our bus enters corners and captures altitudes. Some complex things there. That's all not stuff you see in numbers, but I assure you the pilots sure told us what we got wrong. I'll give you one example of a small thing. In Paris last week I spoke to a Airbus pilot who was handling the handing over to customers of new Busses. He noticed one nasty bug in the overhead but more importantly he told me that almost ALL models are send out with the sheepskin seat covers. You never see those in the official images and seldom in the photo's on the major sites ( etc). Yet something like 75 to 80% of Airbusses got that (free!) non standard item. So we'll try to include that. That's the level of work with Air Berlin and Air France. With Air Berlin it's official for sure, will be on the box. Now some news. This afternoon we decided to change the project a bit (or more then a bit). . Instead of one box with an A321 and holiday airports, we'll not have two products. One with an A321 and A320 and one with a set of holiday destinations. The scope of the projects has not changed, we are not aiming for the nerds and the freaks but for people who like seriously good looking things that are accurate in systems and setup but do not require 500 pages of manuals. AKA, tuned to the way I personally like big aircraft, lol. Stefan just send me some images of work done the last few days. They are from 3dMax and not FSX, and keep in mind FSX shows these models better then 3dMax. But it is good to see the level of small detail being added right now. Don't comment on the position of the logo on the belly etc. all things being handled. we are now at 93.895 polygons and 49.620 vertices for the external model (so without the VC). Keep in mind that FS2004 could only handle up to 64.000 polygons combined. We love the freedom FSX gives us! Btw, if you are worried about fps, don't be. Think Catalina.

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