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  1. Does a paintkit exist for Discus Glider X ?
  2. This looks very promising. EBBR is a classic and a must-buy for me. On a sidenote, it seems from the pics that the colours would match FTX Global better than the FSX default textures
  3. Wow! Every screenshot coming from this project looks fantastic. I think I saw one of the CCGS Icebreakers in an earlier screenshots. What can we expect in regard to icebreakers and other vessels from the Antarctic?
  4. The first two pictures of Terra Nova Bay looks simply stunning with ice floating around in the bay. I hope Antarctica X is released before Christmas as it will be one of the most exciting sceneries this year and I am looking forward to explore it.
  5. Yep, you are right. I just discovered that Germany only has two rigs.
  6. Good point Thorsten. Just bought Helgoland X and the oil rig looks good. Just wish it had a comms frequency applied. Any oil rigs in German Landmarks?
  7. Does the VFR Germany series include any oil rigs? (Presumably the North edition).
  8. Fantastic preview pictures! This is still and even more so now one of the most exciting sceneries to come.
  9. Looks fantastic Sasa. Does a preliminary map of airports/airstrips exist?
  10. Chesse-Strike, A question about the Dash 7 from British Antarctic Survey. The shown picture which I guess is taken in-game display an almost orange livery colour. If I browse through photos of the BAS livery on the Internet, I see colours ranging from very red to almost orange. It is probably light conditions causing this, but I am unsure of what the actual colour of the BAS livery is? Michael
  11. The manual states that the old version cockpit has the Sperry Autopilot, but its not quite clear if the modern cockpit has an autopilot. In the Bendix King KLN 90B an autopilot is an optional component, but is this included in the PBY Catalina? Thanks Michael
  12. Shaun, Case closed. VoxATC is the culprit after all. Thanks
  13. Whichever airport I go to I have two Mooneys (i think) doing endless touch-n-goes and I can not get rid of them. I have seen a similar post in a forum somewhere some time ago but can not remember where. I also use VoxATC, but as VoxATC use MYT traffic I am not sure its the culprit. Anyone else has this problem?
  14. Almost forgot this one: One of the 'inside cockpit' sounds, which should be looping, does have a significant hickup during this loop.
  15. Quite true James, but sometimes its the smallest things that change your impression from good to bad. I love the Jayhawk and fly it almost everyday. Therefore I ofcourse listen a lot to the various sounds and after a while you get annoyed if they a not quite as good as they could be. The external rotor sounds are really bad, but can be fixed by bringing in sounds from similar choppers, like the EH-101. All other sounds are ok, even though quite a few are only Mono. But what I really miss among the sounds for the Seahawk/Jayhawk, is the sound of the turbines starting up. They seem to be lost somehow. And ofcourse VC rain is missing too
  16. Ok, the word 'minimal' is not precise, 'inadequate' is better. Especially the external rotor sounds are not so good. I have tried replacing these with the default Acceleration EH-101 sounds and the result is quite good. Also, why is the sound of the turbines starting up missing?
  17. Does anyone know if an alternative soundset for the Seahawk exists? The existing seems a bit 'minimal' to me. Anyone tried to use the default EH-101 sounds (without 3rd engine of course)? Thanks Michael
  18. Hi Shaun, Ok, did some more testing today. I actually thought that I was hoisting victims with Ctrl+W, but this was apparently not the case and must be a mix-up of also deploying the Acceleration hoist for test purpose Now i am hoisting victims with the Acceleration hoist alone, though I must say that I like the Ctrl+W host animation more, but nevermind. Dangling victims at the cabin door is now hauled inside by using default key O. So, all is well and working fine
  19. I have recently installed FSX Acceleration to add hoisting victims with the Jayhawk. Using Ctrl+W works fine, only problem is that the victims is left hanging outside the cabin door Anything I can do to pull them inside?
  20. Paul, I have looked through 10 pages on the PMDG Turboprops forum and there are very very few posts (2) complaining about VC rain. Furthermore all posts are made by the same user And, with that users pretty good specs I would look elsewhere for better performance other than removing the VC rain.
  21. Options? Is that not exactly what we all are looking for in FSX? An option for VC rain would be very nice to have.
  22. I know its a bit late for this scenery, but are any of the Fishing Vessels from 'Deadliest Catch' modelled? Any map of the scenery ready yet?
  23. This was my understanding of this feature as well. Only the 'ported' FSX models from FS9 could be manipulated by copying the necessary FS9 files.
  24. I will surely get this one. Looking forward to it!
  25. I have tried searching this forum for the cfg setup of Shockwave lights for the Seahawk/Jayhawk, but can not find any. Can someone help with this? Thanks Michael
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