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Rotate MD-11 | Honeycomb Bravo profile | X-Plane

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I have created a Bravo profile for the Rotate MD-11. Rotate exposes a myriad of custom datarefs for the status of various systems, switches, lights, etc in the cockpit so I put some effort into binding functionalities to their custom datarefs. That way I was able to make the Bravo behave as close as possible to the aircraft in the sim (e.g. Master warning flashing, landing gear lights going red during the test, reversers toggle correctly, etc). I used X-Plane 12 when making the profile, but since it references custom datarefs from the aircraft it should work in X-Plane 11 as well (in theory at least). You can try to use it there if you need it but I cannot provide any support since I am not using X-Plane 11 anymore.


Below is a list with all the bindings. Please notice that I didn't add any binding on the trim wheel since the aircraft doesn't have one. 


  • Autopilot/Glareshield buttons
    • HDG --> Pull HDG/TRK knob
    • NAV --> Press NAV button
    • APPR --> Press APPR/LAND button
    • REV --> Press PROF button
    • ALT --> Push Altitude knob
    • VS --> Press FMS SPD button
    • IAS --> Pull Altitude knob
    • AUTOPILOT --> Press AUTO FLIGHT button
  • Left Knob
    • ALT --> Turns the Altitude knob
    • VS --> Turns the pitch wheel
    • HDG --> Turn the HDG/TRK knob
    • CRS --> No binding
    • IAS --> Turns IAS/MACH knob
  • Right Knob
    • INCR --> Increase the selected knob
    • DECR --> Decrease the selected knob
  • Landing Gear Lever/Lights
    • UP --> Gear lever up
    • DOWN --> Gear lever down
    • LEFT/RIGHT/NOSE lights --> Connected to LEFT/RIGHT/NOSE lights on the Landing Gear Control Panel. (No binding for the CTR light)
  • Utility switches (from left to right 1-7)
    1. LDG LT (both switches) RET <--> EXT ON (jumps mid position)
    2. NOSE LT OFF <--> LAND (jumps mid position)
    4. HI-INT ON <--> OFF
    5. BCN ON <--> OFF
    6. NAV ON <--> OFF
    7. SEAT BELTS ON <--> OFF (jumps mid position)
  • Annunciator lights
    • MASTER WARNING --> Connected to MASTER WARNING button
    • MASTER CAUTION --> Connected to MASTER CAUTION button
    • ENGINE FIRE --> Lights up if any of the engine/APU fire lights turn on
    • VACUUM --> No binding
    • LOW OIL PRESSURE --> Lights up when oil psi drops in any engine
    • LOW HYD PRESSURE --> Lights up when the psi drops in any of the engine hydraulic pumps
    • LOW FUEL PRESSURE --> Connected to default low fuel pressure indicators
    • AUX FUEL PUMP --> Lights up when any of the TRANS or the ALT pumps work
    • ANTI ICE --> Lights up when any anti-ice system is on
    • PARKING BRAKE --> Connected to the yellow parking brake light
    • STARTER ENGAGED --> Lights up when any of the starters is on
    • LOW VOLTS --> Lights up when the voltage is low in any of the 3 engine generators
    • APU --> Lights up when APU is in starting/running/shutting down phase
    • DOOR --> Lights up when any of the doors is open
  • Levers (Commercial)
    • Lever 2 Commercial Reverser --> Toggles engine 1 reverser (press throttle forward to increase reverse)
    • Lever 3 Commercial Reverser --> Toggles engine 2 reverser (press throttle forward to increase reverse)
    • Lever 4 Commercial Reverser --> Toggles engine 3 reverser (press throttle forward to increase reverse)
  • FLAPS Lever
    • Push up --> Flaps up a notch
    • Push down --> Flaps down a notch




Make sure you have the latest version of HC Configurator before you use it. After that, open the configurator and go to Profiles -> Import Profiles -> Select Files and import the file you downloaded. Then, with the profile loaded in the configurator (check the blue line at the bottom) go once more to the Profiles menu and press Activate Current Profile. That's it, you are all set.



Some people have reported having issues when trying to import the profile in the configurator. If you have issues importing, loading, and using the profile feel free to leave a comment in this thread. Make sure to mention your operating system, Configurator version, aircraft version, and X-Plane version. I will be glad to help.


For which Simulator


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


Same version as before, but exported from a different Configurator installation in an attempt to fix import issues.

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Echo Bravo Flying

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Unable to import using configurator 2.1 "The selected file is invalid" 

Response from the author:

I downloaded and loaded the profile fine. Are you sure you are on the latest 2.1? There is a 2.2.0 version that is technically a new 2.1 and it appears as 2.1 in the configurator. If you can please download it from here

and try again.

Link to review


I also experience the same issue as the 1 star rating, however I'm using HC Configurator for XP12 which may be the problem. 

Response from the author:

Are you by any chance running this in MacOS? Because I see the configurator has some issues there, and I cannot reproduce what you guys are reporting in Windows.

Link to review
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