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AeroLogic (BOX) OFP template for PFPX 1.1

About This File

Custom accurate AeroLogic (BOX) PFPX OFP layout, including accurate company fuel policy and ETOPS planning

To use the PFPX OFP template, copy the unzipped folders to "C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data"



- RCF planning incomplete - for now, only redispatch fix, redispatch airport, redispatch route and level, required fuel to redispatch destination & normal destination is shown
- Crew names do not show correctly, possibly due to a PFPX bug 
- No option in PFPX to show enroute altitudes in the navlog only if it changes
- No option to show climb sequence in the navlog as CLB, not *CLB
- No possibility to exclude N.I.C fuel
- No possibility to shorten REQTOF in text form to display only three digits, such as THREE THREE NINER


The full up to date package (including repaints of the whole fleet) can be downloaded via google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p485bQDNWyoy4JRBFwGM5Yb_OwrhjpuA/view?usp=sharing

What's New in Version 1.1


- minor OFP misplacements and wrong terms fixed
- accurate BOX Fuel Policy added (e.g. MINCONT 600kg now correctly implemented). I highly recommend to use it when using the BOX OFP layout to avoid misplacements
- updated ETOPS section (ETP section reworked, diversion conditions renamed correctly)
- ALTN1 and ALTN2 navlog added
- REQTOF now does not include ADDFU anymore. I had to set the taxi fuel to 0 per default but I recommend to leave the taxi fuel as it is to have the most realistic layout.
   Also in reality, taxi fuel is determined by the crew and added handwritten on the OFP, so this actually quite accurate despite being a workaround


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