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PFPX RAD Restrictions and Directs 1613 1.0.0

About This File

Recommend use with AIRAC 1613 for best results, due to changes e.g. in Italy and northern UK



  • Update: RAD and Directs
  • Update: implemented free route airspace for Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro above FL325
  • Update: implemented free route airspace for Italy and Malta above FL335
  • Update: connected new wapoints on estonian/russian border with free route airspace
  • Update: lowered directs of Lithuania - now FL95 and above
  • Update: connected new Oceanic Entry/Exit points on border of Scotland/Iceland and Norway/Iceland with oceanic LAT/LONG points


If you want to generate routes with new FRA directs, make sure to set "min FL" at least to 340 in Advanced Route Finder.





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