Around the World in 80 Days and 80 legs with DHC-6 300

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I looked on the Around the World Forum Section but it seem pretty closed and most of the topics archived

I have seem last year some talks about this Around the World in 80 Days, so I said why not

I was deep into the DHC-6 so made few calculations if it will manage to make the longest legs with the allocated fuel on standard setting.

Some were pretty close but I landed safely on each ones

I was only when I landed in Singapore (almost half way) that I planned more carefully the second half and how to do the cross the Pacific

Going thru the South via Polynesia to South America and up to the North was impossible as both legs between Tahiti and Easter Island then Chile were too distant to cope with the twotter range, so up to the North and the Aleutians was the only solution.


I posted on the same channel all the flights week per week if someone is interrested

Note: The ATW was done with FSX-SE on low config, I have since replaced my rig and jumped to P3D V4


Here is the link for the video file: 


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33 minutes ago, nealmac said:

Nice route. I might try this myself some day.

Just one leg a week should do  :)

He has picked a rather nice route.

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