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Hi, I was looking around the airport and I have to note that there are some areas which are aoutdated.

The firstone is the "airside" of the front of Terminal A, which was painted in blue more than a year ago, I attach some images, one before being painted (the version fo the mallorca professional scenery) and the blue one (teh actual state and the one that should include the scenery)

The secondone are the holding points to acces RWY 06R (and the RWY), they were also rebuilt a year ago, I attach some aerial images on how it should look now

Hope this woud be solved on a future update.




current state.jpg




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Please keep in mind, that the Professional Version is a technical Update to bring the Balearen Evo Version on the new technical Status to be full compatible with P3D V4 and it's Engine and new Features.

It is not a new Development of the Airport. This can be done, when other Airports, which are in the complet redevelopment at the moment, are finished.

To keep all airports at the newest real state, is not possibe, when you have many airports in your profolio, like Sim-wings.

There was some parts changed, like the Photoground, more Autogen and better Mesh, but this are the 3D Models are not change yet.

When you wait to update the Airports to the new technique of P3D V4 until the airports are redesigned, we have P3D V9 out :)

Barcelona Professional is a complete new desgined Airport, but this developement needed one year.

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