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Installer issues

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MartinM    11

Dear Developers and Aerosoft alike


The installers start me off. I have a dedicated SSD drive with 1 TB dedicated to P3D V4 and I want to install my sceneries over there. Unfortunately I found a few never installers that actually installed the sceneries into my D Data drive, where my documents are located, into a folder from P3D add-ons


This is filling up my smaller data drive and leaving a lot of room and performance at the dedicated this.


Why you cannot just let the user select where the heck I want, into the folder I like to to.




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masterhawk    149

Hi, Inthink you talk about the scenerys from FSDG. When you search in the forum you will see that there is nothing Aerosoft can do. You have to ask FSDG.

Alternativ you can move this files manually and edit the corresponding add-on.xml

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