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  1. When you mention expansions, are you considering the other engines (Pratt & Whitney, General Electric) for the -300 or the -200 model with RR engines?
  2. Nuno Pinto

    Tahiti X2

    Thank you Mathijs. Summer time, we understand
  3. Nuno Pinto

    Tahiti X2

    Any news Mathijs? This part of the world has a lot of potential and not much has been done there. Can't wait to see this new Tahiti. Cook Islands *hint* *hint*
  4. That's easy. Just add a bed simulator. You know one of them is resting/asleep, right?
  5. Nobody wants to fly in a simulator just because of VC rain effects. I think it's better to use good addons with performance similar to reality like the ones we can get in FSX and P3D than aircraft built with eye candy in mind and that underperform.
  6. Nuno Pinto

    Crash During "DIR TO"

    I've never had them anymore. Hope it is solved indeed
    I am looking at a completely new cockpit. The signs, the letters, the WHOLE cockpit is in much higher definition than the default one. Great job Emi, it looks absolutely amazing!
  7. Nuno Pinto

    4096px HD Virtual Cockpit preview

    Glad you sorted it out. Waiting anxiously like most of us
  8. Nuno Pinto

    Reputation point leak

    I'm sorry about that. Reading it does sound arrogant, but i didn't mean it that way. That's the problem with internet, you read and don't look at one's face, so you cannot really feel what's going on. Once again my apologies Mathijs.
  9. Nuno Pinto

    Reputation point leak

    Well, it's not really THAT important, just really asking what's going on. Thank you. And thank you for the negative points, whoever did that, red suits me nice.
  10. Nuno Pinto

    4096px HD Virtual Cockpit preview

    I guess i could build an installer for you. But that doesn't solve the upload issue, as you'd have to send me the files anyway... I assume they will reside in some common folder, correct? If you want me to help with the installer, i can check whether i can build it if you send me some sort of map to where files are supposed to go, so i can evaluate if my installer builder would work for you. If it's not too complex, i can do it.
  11. Nuno Pinto

    Reputation point leak

    So, this has been forgotten i assume?
  12. Nuno Pinto

    Reputation point leak

    Yeah lost 100+ myself.
  13. Nuno Pinto

    Info regarding the problems with P3D 3.3

    Airports won't be broken by the jump to 64-bit, only code will. This means aircraft addons, airport movement DLLs (SODE, APC, ORBX stuff...). General airports that don't depend on tools, will still work. This is one of the reasons why i don't purchase (or avoid purchasing) airports that depend on external tools, they break up too easily.
  14. Nuno Pinto

    Info regarding the problems with P3D 3.3

    Everyone knew about this two years ago, some just decided to ignore this, and now that it has finally materialized on 3.3, everyone is screaming. This is the cost of evolution, of years and years of old code being worked on, so be happy someone is actually working on it, providing performance updates for all to enjoy. Just give the developers some time to adjust and meanwhile use 3.2 if your airport is currently "broken". Some will provide free updates, some will make new airports we'll have to buy, some with discount, some without. It's life i guess