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  1. Paul

    Alta X & Dublin for P3Dv4?

    Mathijs, Why Not, "SOONER" ???????????????????? Paul.
  2. Paul

    Strange Runway Lights Malaga

    Hi Oliver, Unchecking the HDR option has rectified the lights. Thank you. Regards, Paul.
  3. Paul

    Strange Runway Lights Malaga

    Oliver, Just checking,is there any news or update on the lights? Good news on the grass night texture fix BTW. Cheers, Paul.
  4. Paul

    Strange Runway Lights Malaga

    Hello Oliver, Your help and information is very much appreciated. Fingers crossed there will be a solution to this problem. I will wait to hear back from you with your findings and hopefully with good news. Thanks again, Paul.
  5. Paul

    Strange Runway Lights Malaga

    Hello Oliver, I installed Malaga then Menorca,started the Sim and first went to look at Malaga All lights PAPI,Runway & Taxi lights looked to be correct. Then I went to check Menorca but it had the large square shaped lights, as in the screenshots. When I flew back in to Malaga the "Second Load" the lights there appeared the same as Menorca and the same results also for Ibiza and Mallorca. I have carried out what Mathijs suggested,replaced the Effects folder and the Texture folder inside the Effects folder (No Difference with that) Also have uninstalled & reinstalled Malaga & Menorca,still have the same light problem. All my other Airport scenerys from other developers and default Airports,have no such light problems. Would it be possible for you to send me the "Simwings Custom Runwaylights File" you mention in a zipfile to try. Many Thanks, Paul.
  6. Paul

    Strange Runway Lights Malaga

    Mathijs, thank you,I understand now, thanks for spelling that out for me. Cheers, Paul.
  7. Paul

    Strange Runway Lights Malaga

    Hi Mathijs,if this is a "Copright" file,could you advise me who to contact to try and get this problem sorted,it is getting quite frustrating. Would it be LM or Simwings? Regards, Paul.
  8. Paul

    Strange Runway Lights Malaga

    Hello Mathijs What is this "default file"? is it possible to get this file from Aerosoft or Simwings? Pardon my ignorance,but if it is a default file then why are my default & other airport scenerys displaying the PAPI & Runway lights in a normal way. At the moment I only seem have issues with Simwings scenery and the latest scenery install was LEPA & LIEB yesterday 13/08 & they too have light issues. (See Screenshots) BTW, What is going on with the Grass textures in the night shots of the Spanish Airports as well?? Valencia Default UK2000 Birmingham Day UK2000 Birmingham Night Aerosoft Bergen Day Aerosoft Bergen Night Aerosoft Thessaloniki Day Aerosoft Thessaloniki Night Malaga Day Malaga Night Menorca Day Menorca Night Mallorca Day Mallorca Night Ibiza Day Ibiza Night Paul.
  9. Paul

    Strange Runway Lights Malaga

    Hi Miwe, Thanks for your thoughts,but no luck with that. Cheers, Paul.
  10. Hi Er!k, I Have posted about the same problem previously int the forum about this and put on a couple of screenshots. When I installed the Scenery all the lights displayed normally,then they changed to the large lights you are talking about,after the second load up of the Airport. So I have to think there is some issue with the scenery. Any other scenery I have installed is fine, regarding the lights displaying correctly. Paul.
  11. Hi, Just Installed Malaga X 1.04 and Menorca X 1.05 into P3d Ver4. When first run,the Runway lights displayed normal,but after the second load of the scenery they were displaying as square like bmp lights,at both Airports. Any suggestions!! Thanks, Paul.
  12. Paul

    Gift voucher

    Thank you Mathijs, will do that. Paul. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  13. Paul

    Gift voucher

    Hi, I received an Aerosoft gift voucher and I want to ask how I can use it. Example: If I want to buy a download scenery that is less than the voucher amount, can I use the the voucher for that transaction and still have the balance left on the voucher to use at a later date and then make up the difference with cash/card, or must it be used in one transaction,for its full amount. Regards, Paul.
  14. Paul

    First Choice A320 !!

    Holgi, Thank you very much my friend. the paint job is first class. It certainly has been worth the wait. Many thanks again Holgi for your stunning work, you have made me one happy flyer. Cheers, Paul.