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  1. Let me reprhrase that, just change the entries in the Aircraft.cfg flie from A318-114CFM to A318-112CFM and the liveries will work
  2. I figured out the problem. In the Aircraft.cfg file the old liveries come with: "ui_type = A318-114 CFM" In their readme files. Change to "ui_type = A318-112 CFM". And the ACJ Liveries work.
  3. So as a follow up, Im having the same issue, and it appears to be limited to the liveries that use the A318EliteCJ model. I did a stare and compare with an older model (HB-ACJ) and the A6-ACJ model, and matched up file to file and it still crashed on startup. Im not sure if its operator error or not. I have older A318 Models of other types that work just fine
  4. When I ran the updater, the A320/321 showed the update to, however the 318/319 is still showing the latest version is Was the new update only for the 320/321?
  5. I will add the manual tweak only seems to be needed with the 321. I had no issue with importing the old the 320 liveries.
  6. Thanks for the response Emanuel, no worries you guys are fielding a lot of questions. the constraint is indeed on the VERT REV page. Interestingly enough, before INIT FUEL PREDICTION is completed, the constraint actually shows up on the F-PLAN page correctly, its only after you do the fuel planning that the constraint seems to be overridden.
  7. Sorry! In my earlier screengrabs it occured to me the AP wasnt engaged so here is the departure, AP is engaged in managed mode, Constraints are shown on the ND for ROPPR between 6500 and 7000, the F-PLAN page shows a predicted altitude at ROPPR of 10872, and the altitude ribbon isnt showing 7000 at the top but is showing clear to 21000. Please understand I am really enjoying the plane Im just trying to help you narrow down if its a glitch or operator error.
  8. Here you can see the constraint listed on the ND for ROPPR at between 6500 and 7000, but on the MCDU it shows a predicted altitude of 9381, also note the altitude at the top of the Ribbon is 21000 instead of 7000 and you can see managed mode is active.
  9. So here is the SHEAD1 SID for KLAS 26R taken from the Lufthansa Data provided with the plane, which is the database I am using: You can see the constraints are there. I also noticed that the Contraints show on the flight plan Map on the ND if the CSTR button is pressed but they do not show up on top of the altitude Ribbon of the PFD when active. I will try to get a picture of that later tonight
  10. No you are correct, im getting the same thing. It actually looks like its a combo of a METAR and a winds aloft report. a METAR should look like this: LEPA 170030Z 00000KT CAVOK 22/19 Q1017, where 22 would be your temp and 19 would be your dewpoint.
  11. I've had the same issue with the CLN5P at EGKK which was part of a manual flightplan and the SHEAD1 at KLAS using a company route. Constraint altitude arent showing in the MCDU F-PLAN screen, it shows a predicted altitude so I dont even know if they are being read. I hope this helps Update: STAR constraints appear to be working normally, it only appears to be SID for me
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