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  1. I've the same iussue with included profile of 737 and 747 the only way to fix was to add new perf files for those planes can you please check what is wrong with default templates and latest 1.28.9 version ? Thanks
  2. Genoa, pole lights shining up instead down

    Here a quick fix let me know if works looking forward for dynamic lights soon copy the files in p3d v4 main folder and if asked replace them with those Regards LIGHT PATCH
  3. Genoa X 1.20 and p3d v4 hf1

    Yes we need to revert back to previous version after hot fix Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z017D utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for beautiful video. Grazie per il video bellissimo Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z017D utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. Ciampino x

    Vector need to be disabled I don't remember if is inside the manual also be sure to have mesh set at least 10 mt Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z017D utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. SODE issues

    This kind of jetway script is done to work with liners with doors example 737 320 etc you can also activate the jetway using gsx Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z017D utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. P3Dv4 Aerosoft Genoa: some issues

    Here the post link use the one for V3 i'm still trying to figure what cause the iussue with Atis
  8. P3Dv4 Aerosoft Genoa: some issues

    I've looked at the afcad is really strange seem to be related to p3d V4 cause also other sceneries have the same iussue and only with the ATIS no way if is compiled manually or with an afcad tool looking forward for a fix Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z017D utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. P3Dv4 Aerosoft Genoa: some issues

    You can apply the old file present in forum for boat collision still valid also in v4 and probably the grass iussue is due installer but you can activate moving grasses inside bgl folder and to have densealso grassdensep3d.bgl f about the Atis i'll make you know as soon as possible but is a strange iussue. Regards
  10. Genoa X Runway lights

    Hi there are some tools that cause this iussue with sode a part rw lights you have the same problem also with jetways ? Let me know best regards Marco Negri
  11. LIMC - Milano some more problems

    What VGA do you have maybe you are going with Video Ram OOM
  12. Barcelona X Evolution preview

    Simply some competitors doesn't care if some one is already doing something I remember time ago there was a kind of fair play between devs usually a scenery in development will be not started I some one is doing it. Now seem that is a rate. Provably people like this kind of fast dev but in my opinion the most damaged are costumers paying for something done quickly just to be putted on the market. I know is ammoyng wait but to do things well time is needed. Inviato dal mio SM-T113 utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. Brussels International preview

    Yes i've seen i'll add for sure. Thank you for asking
  14. Barcelona X Evolution preview

    Personally i don't like fast food like sceneries i'll wait for a more accurate rendering like this one. Probably other are faster and for a common user also the final product will be pretty good but looking deeply is always a product done fast just to put it on the market.
  15. GENOA X without fingers and lights...

    Try to see if sode is registered correctly or do a fresh sim install Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z017D utilizzando Tapatalk