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  1. jay907uk

    A320 Taxi speed on ground

    Thanks Bela, I'd forgot I'd sent a message regarding this issue. I'll defo try that Jason
  2. jay907uk

    Any word on PFPX update?

    Have we any idea when this update might be available? As it was said Nov 3rd? Or even what will be included? Thanks Jason
  3. jay907uk

    A320 Taxi speed on ground

    Is anyone able to assist with this? Considering the post has been viewed 21 times. I wouldn't have posted had I have known what to do Thanks Jason
  4. Hi, I've noticed when I use the A320 and I'm taxying to the runway the speed seems to increase despite me reducing the throttles, Is there anyway I can stop this? Or change something within one of the files? Thanks Jason
  5. jay907uk

    Keflavik issue

    I just wanted to say Thanks for the help provided and by doing as you suggested this has rectified my Keflavik Scenery. Regards Jason
  6. jay907uk

    Keflavik issue

    Hi Otto, I've looked in FTXCentral and found the Library Insertion Point do I just select below Addon Scenery and do the same for the OpenLC files then click save and then run FTXGlobal Vector again? Sorry for me being slightly confused.
  7. jay907uk

    Keflavik issue

    Hi Otto, Thanks for the reply, I've added the files that you requested. Thanks Jason
  8. jay907uk

    Keflavik issue

    Hi, I've recently installed my Keflavik Scenery and as always ran the FTX Global Vector once installed but I have issues with the ground. I'm using FSX with all the latest patches needed. Many Thanks for any help / advice offered. Jason
  9. jay907uk

    New Barcelona P3Dv3 version

    Hi Tom, I am quite disappointed by this it does seem strange your supporting FSX which is older than P3Dv3. Although it's good your still supporting FSX as I do use both. I'll probably have to purchase a different version from another company but thanks for the clarification. Jason
  10. Hi, Please can you tell me if the New Barcelona scenery is also usable with P3Dv3? As I can only see it for FSX and P3Dv4 only Thanks Jason
  11. Hi, I know the Tropical Sim scenery for SBGL / SBGR / SBRJ / SBSP works for AES but will this product work due to it being a package of all four airports together ? Or will I need to purchase each airport separately for AES to work for these airports? I'm sorry If I've posted this in wrong section of forum , but would be grateful for any help or clarification of the below working in AES. http://secure.simmar...ge-rio-sp.phtml Kind Regards Jason Thompson
  12. Hi, I've just updated to version 2.02 for FS9 but notice I've not got the new runway showing just the grass and the signs with ILS approach lights. I have noticed on the support page there was a update version 2.01 for fs2004 which I haven't downloaded and installed could this be why I'm not seeing the new runway as I've not installed update 2.01? Just gone and done update 2.02 Can I install the update 2.01 and the re-run update 2.02? Or should I uninstall Mega airport frankfurt X and then reinstall and then do the updates? I hope I've aded pics ok and there not to big didn't now any other way? Thanks Jason Thompson
  13. Hi, I was just curious to know when there is going to be a planned update for Heathrow as there has been some major changes around Terminal one and the taxiways. I couldn't find if anything had been posted asking the same question. Thanks Jason
  14. Hi Folks, I have the old GAP 1 scenery installed and was just checking some files and noticed in the texture folder seen some files called Inns. Know do these relate to the Innsbruck Airport? As do those texture files starting Inns need to be removed? With me having Approaching Innsbruck installed? ThaNKS Jason Thompson
  15. Mathijas, Will they release the FSX version first then the FS9 after or has that not been decided yet? And sorry for spelling your name wrong. Like all here I'm looking forward to a descent Anchorage scenery especially belonging to few virtual airlines that use PANC. Rgds Jason