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  1. Lennart1948

    No product after payment

    Also included that one ! Yes Sofort doesn't work good with the Aerosoft page. It's the second time I had this problem now
  2. Lennart1948

    No product after payment

    Yes I did that yesterday already. I inclouded every information I got
  3. Lennart1948

    No product after payment

    Hello dear Aerosoft Team, I bought the Aerosoft Airbus with the Upgrade Key and the 30€ have been withdrawn from my bank account. Unfortunaly on my download page it isn't there at all. There is no Order number or anything. Could you have a look into this?
  4. Yes it's the same paintkit. Every livery available now will be functional with the new bus
  5. With the updates I meant that when e.g version 1.02 comes out I don't have to go the website and download it from there but can do it via the updater and second I meant like in the QW787 or FSL A320 that you can receive the ATIS (not the METAR) with arrival runway, departure runway, ATIS information etc.
  6. So did I get it right ? If I buy the new bus for the upgrade price also not on Aerosoft (Like Gamesplanet or Simmarket) I can still update them via the update so I don't have to go to e.g Simmarket to update but can also do it via the updater ? That would be great because then I can buy it there again and still have the newst update right there for download
  7. Will we be able to request the ATIS of an e.g IVAO controller too?
  8. Lennart1948

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Oh Jo please tell us that we will see the Rhein-Energie Stadium
  9. Lennart1948

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Well if they want to downvote something why don't let them do so ? You implemented it into the forum and can't just remove users from the forum for voting a post. It wouldn't make any sense to have that feauture and just remove people that downvote something. Edit : and yes they should still be allowed to vote what they like since other people think things are reasonable and others don't
  10. Lennart1948

    Speedport Maj Dash Port Weiterleiten

    Also bei den Kästchen muss ich die 49200 - 49210 49200- 49210 eingeben und rechts daneben bei Gerät meinen PC auswählen?
  11. Hallo zusammen, ich wusste nicht, wo ich das reinposten sollte also habe ich mich hierfür entschieden. Wie kann ich bei der Telekom den Port weiterleiten, sodass ich mit der Majestic Dash Shared cockpit fliegen kann? In dem manual steht, dass man Protocol : UDP auswählen muss und dass die Ports für die Connection 49200 und 49210 seien. Wie genau mache ich das ? Der Screenshot ist unten dran. Kann mir da wer weiterhelfen ? Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe
  12. Lennart1948

    LLBG Aerosoft Shop?

    Oh my... You are right. Looking at it right now. As Mathjis said it won't be 100 % accurate but as far as I can see it looks good
  13. Lennart1948

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Looking so great. I hope it'll be out soon Jo would it be somehow possible to give us a little insight into the things that still need to be done ? Would love to know that. Would understand if you wouldn't want to share it though
  14. At least you are kindly answering everbody even when they haven't read the first topic. Really appreciate that kindness