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  1. Lennart1948

    Airbus on ground 32 kts

    Hello, on the A320 CFM when I release the parking brakes (let's say after p/b) without giving any thrust the airplance just accelerates to 32 knots. Also when I arrive somewhere it just stays on 32 knots and I always have to press the brakes So on idle thrust it just accelerates. I know the real airbus accelerates without giving thrust but that effect in the Aerosoft airbus is too much I think. I have the newest version ( Could you take a look into this ?
  2. Hello, I am trying to add an Austrian A320 CFM plane to my sim but in orde to make it look realistic I want to only add the Satcom antenna but no winglets. Is there a model for that and if yes which is it?
  3. Hello, the Airbus want to know which Acc / thr reduction height there is at the airport. At the example for EDDT, where can I find these heights on the Charts ?
  4. Lennart1948

    EDDF Prof. Remove 2nd Jetway

    I only heard that the German Airports Team doesn't like SODE and hence won't add it to their airports. So unfortunaly I think we would have to add it through GSX
  5. Hello, V1.00 still at Simmarket (just downloaded it). Do you know when the files arrive there?
  6. Lennart1948

    A319 VC doesn't work after update

    This is by the way the installation folder of the A318-19. Is it even correct like that?
  7. Lennart1948

    A319 VC doesn't work after update

    Now V 1.1 w/o Aerosoft updater installed into Ecosim. Works good. I don't even know if I should bother trying to install the update a 10th time.
  8. Lennart1948

    A319 VC doesn't work after update

    I would like to have it at the same place as my A320-21 being the Ecosystem folder. I don't want a folder on my desktop for my P3D Add-Ons. That's how my installation looks like. I can only repeat, somehow when I update the A320-21 it works all fine. The way you said it is the exact same just that it is in another folder. I have the folders that you said in the documents area containing : - Flight recorder - Fs2Crew Raas AA P3DV4 - FS2Crew RAAS AA README
  9. Lennart1948

    A319 VC doesn't work after update

    The installer put it there. I didn't put it in the ecosystem folder on purpose. So nothing I can do now?
  10. Lennart1948

    A319 VC doesn't work after update

    Yes sir that's what I was asking. Are there any other A318-19 folders outside of Ecosystem/Aerosoft?
  11. Lennart1948

    A319 VC doesn't work after update

    I assume when I uninstall it via the control panel all the files are gone ? At Ecosystem/Aerosoft there are at least no leftovers atm only using windows defender. It didn't alarm anything so far and assuming it won't because w/ the A320 it also worked good
  12. Lennart1948

    A319 VC doesn't work after update

    Thank you so much... phew Still unfortunaly the same result. No Shaders but still the same problem. What was that with the name too long ? What would need to be changed ? The A319 is at D:\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\A318-A319prof\Simobjects\Texture.xxxxxx ---- Just checked another plane (A318) and I got St. Elmos fire on the windscreen and the battery has 0 Volts. I already reinstalled it a couple of times and the stable version always worked fine. So if you don't know anything else now I might just go back to the stable version
  13. Lennart1948

    A319 VC doesn't work after update

    Are you talking about P3D/Shaders_HLSL?
  14. Lennart1948

    A319 VC doesn't work after update

    I actually use PTA. But with the A320/21 it works like a charm. With the stable build it also works perfectly. Don't know what's causing it but I will try the shaders
  15. Lennart1948

    A319 VC doesn't work after update

    Yes I will try. Thanks for the tip anyway!