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  1. Speedport Maj Dash Port Weiterleiten

    Also bei den Kästchen muss ich die 49200 - 49210 49200- 49210 eingeben und rechts daneben bei Gerät meinen PC auswählen?
  2. Hallo zusammen, ich wusste nicht, wo ich das reinposten sollte also habe ich mich hierfür entschieden. Wie kann ich bei der Telekom den Port weiterleiten, sodass ich mit der Majestic Dash Shared cockpit fliegen kann? In dem manual steht, dass man Protocol : UDP auswählen muss und dass die Ports für die Connection 49200 und 49210 seien. Wie genau mache ich das ? Der Screenshot ist unten dran. Kann mir da wer weiterhelfen ? Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe
  3. LLBG Aerosoft Shop?

    Oh my... You are right. Looking at it right now. As Mathjis said it won't be 100 % accurate but as far as I can see it looks good
  4. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Looking so great. I hope it'll be out soon Jo would it be somehow possible to give us a little insight into the things that still need to be done ? Would love to know that. Would understand if you wouldn't want to share it though
  5. For what an external? It is the exact same as the one we have now
  6. He meant if you remodled the Sharklets or used the ones that you already had
  7. At least you are kindly answering everbody even when they haven't read the first topic. Really appreciate that kindness
  8. LLBG Aerosoft Shop?

    I mean you have e.g FSDG that are doing a LITE series where they don't do the airport 100% accurate but I bet that many people would enjoy having Tel Aviv as it's a special airport and there is currently no airport (except one only for FSX) what you have in v4. And I would also bet that the costumers would forgive you, that some textures wouldn't be as good as in other projects or the Terminal is 5 meters longer than in real life. I would really enjoy a version though I cannot speak for you and if you don't have the source for any pictures I can of course understand you. Greetings, Lennart
  9. LLBG Aerosoft Shop?

    Just a quick question. Wouldn't it be possible to not use photorealistic textures but just do those textures by your own ? Or isn't it just that problem that you are experiencing so are there more ?
  10. LLBG Aerosoft Shop?

    Ah thanks for that
  11. Thank you for `the quick response
  12. What about useres without active sky ? Will it be added to work with the normal simulator weather ? I have it but you said that you would not implement something that you would have to pay extra for (Like Active Sky).
  13. LLBG Aerosoft Shop?

    Hello, why can't I find LLBG Tel Aviv in the Aerosoft shop ? Did they remove it ? What happened to it ? Thanks to your answers. Greetings, Lennart
  14. I'm sorry to say so but I couldn't resist to ask because I'm curious. You said many times that you would only simulate the most important things and systems in this aircraft even in things (which I) thought would be important. How come you are simulating something like that? : In what way exactly is that important to virtual Pilots that just want to fly as you like to say it ?