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  1. price changing randomly? (screenshot included)

    As seen in the screenshot the Antonov An-2 costs $25.17 Exclusive VAT so VAT is not inclouded. Inclouding VAT it's $29,99. Everything as it should be
  2. I mean that at flaps 1+F the flaps get extended to the grey strip and at flaps 1 they slats will only extend ? Because when applying Flaps 1+F at the current the flaps don't really extend (for my view)
  3. Oh okay. Is there a way to implement that?
  4. In the new versions of the Aerosoft Airbus will the grey stripe on the wing be aligned with the rest of the wing on flaps 1? on the current one it seems like it doesn't move when applying flaps 1.
  5. Geneva preview

    Woow awesome ! An update on that airport is really needed!!
  6. EDHI - Finkenwerder

    I have the highest settings for the sim.
  7. EDHI - Finkenwerder

    Nope not realy. Installed it on the normal way by doing it like any other AS scenery. I also looked at the documents in the installation folder and did everything as stated in there...
  8. EDHI - Finkenwerder

    Hello everybody, I bought Finkenwerder and before you buy it I wanted to give you some information on the scenery from Dieter Kreiskott. First of all having the purpose of donating the money is so awesome and is definitely more needed on the Flightsim market. Though the airport isn't really what I thought it was. I don't think that it is bad. No not at all, but let's say, that I expected a different product from looking at the screenshots. Starting off on the runway. It is a default runway which I didn't expect when looking at the screenshots posted on their webiste. All the taxiways are just copy paste from Google Earth and aren't actual taxiways. That is really annoying when taxiing over the apron because that is like when taxiing over default gras in P3D. Everything around the airport (photoreal scenery) is very blurry too. Also half of the planes standing on the apron are somewhere bugging in buildings. You cannot say just bad things. I really like the work of the hangars and buildings standing on the airport. They are highly realistic and well done. Also many ground polygons are available and letting the airport feel alive. Also you can find static traffic on the apron. There are e.g an 380 and a Beluga. Having Finkenwerder for P3D and FSX you can now finally fly the Beluga or test Airbus flights from a beautiful designed airport which cost's way less than different scenerys and also has a good purpose. Let me know how you think the airport is. I have some screenshots attached so you can understand what I just wrote. Thanks and have fun flying, Lennart
  9. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    I have never seen (maybe ORBX) so much detail in one airport. Especially since it's not a small airport. Love it
  10. I'd say early 2018 is the first quarter of 2018 so until the end of march...
  11. FS9 Upgrade price

    Hello is there an upgrade price for FS9 to P3D V4? (e.g. Mega Airport Frankfurt FS9 -> Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional) You said you don't have to pay twice for the same files (Which is awesome) Just wondering if there is any. Greetings, Lennart
  12. That's pretty cool. Will it be possible to receive the ATIS of ATC on Vatsim or IVAO like it's possible on the 787 and FSL A320? (May be also METAR idk)
  13. I understand what you mean. In real life, when reaching the TOD or turning to another waypoint it is very smooth and you don't really recognize it. But in the AS Airbus it is verry rapide and verry abruptly.