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  1. If I promise not to extend this line of conversation, but could you just go a little into detail... Do you mean, that this converted bus would be much whorse than the existing Airbus Series in v3 or about the same? I ask because I just love the v3 Series and it would satisfy me just to have the same product in v4. Or would a converted product be minor to its v3 version?!
  2. I am totally with you Mathijs, in every aspect: from giving the developers a rest to put new features into the new product BUT: In retroperspetive you made in my opinion the terrible mistake not to convert the old v3 Bus into v4! This would have given you enough room and time to design and program the new 2018 Version. Then, I even would not bother if the new Bus would be released in Mid 2018.Now you are the only developer who has not a working Airbus in v4 (jesus, even Blackbox has...), and refering to your edited desktop screenshot you where aware that v4 is coming long before we knew... Even PMDG was able to convert the NGX Code into v4 (this code must be the grandpa or your Airbus' Code). As you will probably argue that this would have produced more costs, I just reply to you that I rather would love to pay now a small conversion Upgrade Price that waiting for the bug budget price of a product that isn't coming for ages! Don't take things personal, but just try to understand the customers point of view as I do understand yours: The fact, that v4 is available for months now and there is any Aerosoft Airbus at all is not acceptable! You simply make people watch out for other alternatives... Regards, Max
  3. The longer it takes the more I wish Aerosoft would have made a simple port over of the old Busses first... It is pretty anoying of not having any bus to fly at all... :-/
  4. Blank paintkit

    Just look in the downloads section... there is a blank livery... or you download the original paintkit
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone, this is a request, feel free to download... Installation with the A318/A319 Livery Manager. You may not use this repaint for any commercial aspect of alter the repaint without my permission. Credits to Holgi for the Paintkit. Allways three green, Airmax
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone, long time ago I just painted a fictional Eurowings Livery for the A319. As Eurowings really operates then for real now, I decided to paint the D-ABGQ. Installation with the A318/A319 Livery Manager. You may not use this repaint for any commercial aspect of alter the repaint without my permission. Credits to Holgi for the Paintkit and I guess Johnas Dahlke for the changes on the Wings. As allways three green and have fun with the Livery! Regards, Airmax
  7. There is a default D-AIZQ from Holgi... You have to rename this Livery when installing!
  8. The BBS only has one advantage: It's been released allready Everything else is said...
  9. No Free One Day Access

    No it did work for me.. Thank you Fabian! Regards, Max
  10. No Free One Day Access

    Same here.... firefox, win7
  11. EDDM to EDDB

    Navigraph AIRAC 1603
  12. Hi everyone, yesterday I desperately wanted to make a new flight for my Leg from Munich to Schönefeld. Unfortunately PFPX switches automaticaly to EDDN as my destination when I enter EDDB. This happens all the time, although I can plan other Legs (e.g. also EDDB - EDDM) without any Problem. Has anyone experienced the same issue? Regards, Max
  13. I definetly second this! This also might stop the continous asking Have a nice day everyone
  14. Don't be mad at me, I somehow thought the same... After all, I am pretty confident the "source" will be caught and what remains will be storytelling in a few years. After all, everyone in the community is talking about the product right now, this is some kind of marketing. And who knows, maybe the leak has a demo effect and makes people buy the product on its release... In the end, who wants to have a non final product? But maybe I am just daydreaming as I am not knowing the real impact of piracy in numbers.
  15. Aero soft Madeira issues...

    Dawgfan58, I have the same issue like you in your last Picture.... Looks like after an earth rush has covered the area at the end of the runway. What did you do to get rid of it? I have also followed the instructions of the simmershome patch... Regards, Max