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  1. Heinz Flichtbeil

    A wonderful plane. You may get a little better than calculated range as the weight of the fuel (passengers) will decrease in flight. .
  2. Those aare great, but as Turtle pack was not pioneered until the mid 80s is it suitible for historic aircraft, I think I will have to use these and give my copilot some exercise, at least because it is 1870 no environmental nonsene, I can throw them out the back door when they are empty to give more space.
  3. In the book they (Fogg and his servant do not go direct from London to Suez. He went by train to I think Dover then by Ferry to Calais then by varying trains through to Italy thence by steamer to Suez and then Aden. This is about 12 flights changees and hence flights for this first part of the journey and probably about 50 more for the whole trip. I presume we only have to make flights to places named in the book as Bradshaw railway guides are rather scarse for this period. or am I reading this wrong and we have to just make a mad dash direct to about 6 enpoints to complete the whole journey.
  4. I am planning to use a DC3 and use the northern route if acceptible. This aircraft choice could change on clarification of the number of people who must be carried.
  5. In the story there are three people travelling from India. Do we need to take this into account with our aircraft choice for seating, weight and fuel incuding extra fuel tanks? In other words must it be a three seater plus aircraaft with luggage ( a princess does not travel with nothing) with sufficent range for that weight?
  6. I would rather have a seperate class. Putting a glass cockpit single engine like the Cirrus or Kodiak Quest against a beaver is not really fair or even an early electra or dc3. Different challenges. Single engine class though as a third option would be good though. This however deserves a seperate class. 60 knots and no autopilot.
  7. Can ferry tanks be used if they could be in the original vehicle? (taking into account weeight.) Vote for free crossing of the pacific. Not direct. Do we have to fly the shortest possible from Calcutta to Singapore or can we go across the hump and down the coast? The Tompcat can not be used as there are three passengers at least on that leg.
  8. Was not the 100 200 and 300 series manufactured before 1970? I thought Bombadier started with the 400 series. This would make the twotter historic.
  9. Have the immigration problems of bringing a princess back from India been solved?
  10. Shall we take votes on what late aircraft we will complain about now. Seems it will be a good addition to the sim
  11. Well I can get a 777-200 with 20% fuel off.....now to get it back on.... You do live in a beautiful place. I was looking at the tourist website there a little while ago when I flew there with a virtual airline tour. It is one place I would really love to go.
  12. I believe there may be a paid update for the 737 coming too. I agree nimble but the real sports car is the 777 200.. With that power to rate ratio it handles shorter strips than eithr the 737 or the busses. A bit o an eye opener.
  13. While I am happy that the new improved version with extra bling will be coming out sometime I am a little sad that you did not do what some others did especially with xplane, A quick recompile and touch up free and within a couple of weeks to give us something to fly with and then a little later a paid upgrade with all the new features. I am sure the result will be worth it but about what I think will be 9 months with only being able to fly Boeing is really not a nice situation.
  14. Dovetail Flight Sim World

    I will never buy another Steam product till it puts a notice on the store that XXX an aeoroplane has had the liveries removed. Caught once...after several other purchases...when I bought an airplane to use in a VA environment which required a livery which was included in the original pack.
  15. Free avatars from Simware and Aerosoft

    Maybe but maybe not he could have translated this as "some bright french developers" and it would have similar dictionary meanings. Multicultural forums can be prone to misinterpretation,