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  1. Helgoland AFS2

    so to make it clear. if we change our docs folder as stated, and move the origina C files there will all programs that use files there still continue to see them as if they were in the original place?
  2. Love the livery. Nice shots, and nice to have commentary on what is in them.
  3. Missing SID KLAX

    The database is updated 13 times a year, VATSIM will use the current one and yours will not be up to date unless you use one of the two providers of Nav Data and update it. Generally updation once every few months is enough.
  4. P3D 4.2 Compatibility List

    Lets just leave it, I was not trying to have an argument, just point out that the market was not limited to those that I, and I think others could have, read the comment. If you wish to delete these posts I have no objection
  5. P3D 4.2 Compatibility List

    sorry, I took the below to mean that.
  6. P3D 4.2 Compatibility List

    so they do not need the rest of us
  7. P3D 4.2 Compatibility List

    As it is a Proffesional platform Herman I find it hard to understand how there are are so many Proffessional Users that can warrant the number of Proffessional products Aerosoft produces for it.
  8. Agree with the first part but not the second.It is the pilots who lose credibility, stretching rules is one thing, flouting them another.
  9. P3Dv4 Confusion

    Straight port, means it will install into P3D4 but may not have all the features it had before and does not use any of the upgraded features, Partly means that some of the P3D4 features have been used, P3d4 means it has been made for P3d4 (Aeorosoft Proffessional airports are just this and will only work in P3D4.) If you are just starting and only run P3D4 I suggest restricting your purchases to Proffessional.
  10. Any news on next update?

    Positive news I hope.
  11. One of the reasons we like to know timeframes is simple. Some of us are on limited income. We have to prioritise. Even "small' upgrade charges can be signifigent to a pensioner. I can buy about 3 full feaure aircraft a year, This means if it will be four or five months I can probably use the money I have set aside to buy another thing I want but not as much. If I do buy it and it comes out next month I would be unable to upgrade to the one I want, yours for some time after. That said your policy of keeping us in the loop helps.
  12. I think the 80 days finished in December and a few extra days were allowed, though that would have lost the bet but adding new data now would make a mockery of the event as it was "Around the World".
  13. When I go out to dinner I am happy to recieve the soup first. I would however be rather disapointed if the wait for the main course and the dessert are too long......would have to have a really good complimentary cheeseplatter to make up for that:) Seriously, if it is ready get it out, but do not slow down on the rest.
  14. In fairness the 69 was the number of concurrent players, players who were on at the same time, not during the same day.