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  1. Outstanding. It would rank with the best I have seen.
  2. Neal McCulough

    As long as you pay up on the bet when you get there.
  3. OPS Center

    There was a preview given in the previews section of which looks like a forthcoming launcher for aerosoft products.
  4. Will not checking the map in FSX by clicking on the approach arrow work?
  5. In the tradition of the Aussies who will bet on which of two raindrops on the virtual glass reaching the bottom first we offer this Sweepstake. Rules are simple....No prize....except the satisfaction, No correspondence entered into unless it is fun....... WHEN WILL THE AIRBUS RELEASE. My bet is the 18 April. Pst one reponse with your date below....must not be a date allready posted. Please note this is just for fun.
  6. I think it goes further than that. It is ilegal to contract a criminal act. it cannot be got out of b puting it in a civil contract. Any limitation on which law applies would also not apply to the criminal act. It may arguably apply to a contract but in this case there is no contract as there cannot be for an ilegal act. In your exazple the police in Germany could be interested and act as the putting of the illegal software on the net occurred in Germany.
  7. paint.net is the website of Warren Paint & Color Co.. It may have products which are great for real aircraft but not for ours. Could you check the address and give us the real one please as it seems useful.
  8. No discount when I tried to order just now.Maybe you have not enabled the code yet as I know you are a good developer.
  9. Helgoland AFS2

    so to make it clear. if we change our docs folder as stated, and move the origina C files there will all programs that use files there still continue to see them as if they were in the original place?
  10. Love the livery. Nice shots, and nice to have commentary on what is in them.
  11. Missing SID KLAX

    The database is updated 13 times a year, VATSIM will use the current one and yours will not be up to date unless you use one of the two providers of Nav Data and update it. Generally updation once every few months is enough.
  12. P3D 4.2 Compatibility List

    Lets just leave it, I was not trying to have an argument, just point out that the market was not limited to those that I, and I think others could have, read the comment. If you wish to delete these posts I have no objection
  13. P3D 4.2 Compatibility List

    sorry, I took the below to mean that.