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  1. Freeware Auvergne Region

    Link would be nice
  2. New Airline in Europe! IAG Virtual!

    Another phpVMS clone VA?
  3. Aerosoft has a secret hack that uses your computer fans to cool them down. No joke.
  4. Can we get a picture from the POV of the captains seat looking straight out?
  5. P3D what license ?

    Well i think its very clear from their website what you should buy. A lot of these "which license to buy" questions come from people who arent students but they want the academic license (which a lot of people do
  6. Is Ezdok worth getting for the Airbus?

    I use EzDok not so much for the views, but due to the head shake movement affects. For me, i cant stand hurdling down the runway without seeing some sort of reaction to the bumps, g-forces etc. It just doesnt feel real at all. In real life, you experience turbulence, bumps and thumps, g-forces and i feel that EZDok is a good option to change the way you fly.
  7. I remember once you said that it does not shake a lot during takeoff etc, so do you now agree that its quiet the opposite?
  8. Do you mean the "thumps" and "bumps" whilst throttling down the runway? I would argue that you do feel these effect in real life. EzDOK will give you these results pretty good as long as you dont over-use it.
  9. Will this work for the A319?