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  1. Freeware Auvergne Region

    Link would be nice
  2. New Airline in Europe! IAG Virtual!

    Another phpVMS clone VA?
  3. That got me thinking, in a forum environment you can never prevent people from asking the same questions over and over again. People wont bother searching or going through 300 pages looking for the answer. Sure, moderators will get annoyed when seeing people ask the same questions over and over again. I suggest that a sticky post is created with the most common asked questions and refer people to that. It makes things easier and helps keep the thread cleaner. There is no point of moderators always trying to have a go at people for not searching or reading the whole thread to find answers. All it does is make the thread more unclean. Something to look at in future.
  4. Aerosoft has a secret hack that uses your computer fans to cool them down. No joke.
  5. Can we get a picture from the POV of the captains seat looking straight out?
  6. P3D what license ?

    Well i think its very clear from their website what you should buy. A lot of these "which license to buy" questions come from people who arent students but they want the academic license (which a lot of people do
  7. I really hope the flight dynamics will be good on this place like the IXEG 737 on xplane.
  8. Is Ezdok worth getting for the Airbus?

    I use EzDok not so much for the views, but due to the head shake movement affects. For me, i cant stand hurdling down the runway without seeing some sort of reaction to the bumps, g-forces etc. It just doesnt feel real at all. In real life, you experience turbulence, bumps and thumps, g-forces and i feel that EZDok is a good option to change the way you fly.
  9. I remember once you said that it does not shake a lot during takeoff etc, so do you now agree that its quiet the opposite?
  10. Do you mean the "thumps" and "bumps" whilst throttling down the runway? I would argue that you do feel these effect in real life. EzDOK will give you these results pretty good as long as you dont over-use it.
  11. Double Bogey Gear

    Oh right, thats a shame. Hopefully you guys change your minds someday and implement this feature!
  12. Is the Double Bogey an option for the aerosoft airbus range? For those who do not know what this is, here is a video: It seems kinda cool having the A330 style gear (almost) in the aircraft configuration. It looks like landings will be much smoother and a lot more firm. Cheers & Have a Happy new Year!