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  1. TOPCAT update for A320 IAE

    The best option would be for the developers to make it possible for users to add additional aircraft performance data. I am sure there are many out their who would fill this large hole with the appropriate data.
  2. Will the PFPX-integrated TOPCAT ever be updated for the most commonly used civilian aircraft, A320 IAE, as implemented by FSLabs A320X?
  3. PFPX hotfix 1.28.9c

    Thank you srcooke. It might be useful if this old hotfix thread was unpinned and/or the link removed.
  4. PFPX hotfix 1.28.9c

    I am having problems exporting flight plans to P3Dv4 and FSlabs A320X v2 following a new build on a new PC. I previously had things working fine via the AOCService. The .txt file gets written but is immediately disappears and fails to load. I have installed the latest hotfix 1.28c. When I try to export I do not get the Prepar3d v4 quoted above. If I export to Prepar3d v3 Files and copy and paste the .pln file across, I can get the plan to load into the A320X.
  5. Stuttgart Pro P3Dv4

    Running the configuration tool fixed it thank you. Great looking airport.
  6. Stuttgart Pro P3Dv4

    Thank you Tom. I'll try that.
  7. Stuttgart Pro P3Dv4

    I have just installed the new Stuttgart Pro for P3Dv4 and find that the runway/taxiway surfaces are 10m under the level of the surrounding scenery. And I have flying vehicles. What is the fix?
  8. SUGGESTIONS (could be pinned)

    I had my first try with NavDataPro Charts (Windows) with the one-day trial (a little short to make a good assessment). I like what I have seen so far but trying to use in on a second screen alongside P3D/FSX leaves me with a lot of wasted screen space. The size of the icons and fonts down the left hand side even when compressed/shrunk takes up about 20% of my screen width. There need to be an option to select smaller icons/text or even get rid of the menus so that the map can be better read.
  9. Unable to Update core NavDataPro

    Although I was able to install NavData 1605 using the fixed (labelled the latest 1606 dataset downloads but will not install to any aircraft. I also get the message to download despite using this version. What is going wrong?
  10. Navdatapro error

    After unzipping the AS_NAVDATAPRO_V1031 file manually and installing the updated application, I was able to successfully download and install the nav data to multiple aircraft (Airbus, PMDG, PFPX, Q400). The auto unzipping still needs to be sorted but thank you to Aerosoft for quickly addressing this issue.
  11. Navdatapro error

    I am able to download the selected data (Cycle V 1605 R.1) for Aerosoft Airbus A318/319/320/321, PMDG P3Dv3, Majestic Q400 (Feelthere) and PFPX. However, when I try to install them I am now getting error messages. I updated the PMDG a few days ago before the latest NavDataPro update ( and that data is shown as installed. When I try now it reports an error 10 - Install failed. My P3Dv3.2 is installed in C:\P3D\.
  12. Navdatapro error

    With NavDataPro and the latest Navdata 1605 I am getting multiple errors attempting to update Aerosoft Airbus and PFPX, Installation Error (install failed). I have had to search to confirm that I am trying to install in the correct locations but have been unable to solve the errors.
  13. Framerate issues, revisited again

    I would endorse Francescom's point. While accepting the fps is a function of individual system performance and the number of add-ons in use, the new Airbus family does suffer from fluctuating fps over a range of 1-to-4 (ie. 5-20 fps or 15-60fps) over a 10-15 sec period. Other sophisticated and processor heavy aircraft simulations do not suffer this issue. It appears that the aircraft processing loading is not evenly and correctly distributed - a basic realtime programming issue. Further work is required to improve this and improve a great product.