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  1. Go to the MCDU options screen (click top centre oval above MCDU left screen or from pedestal MSDU). Select GND SERVICES and disconnect EXT PWR.
  2. Updated LINDA module released covering all Aerosoft A3XX Professional aircraft including A318/A319/A320/A321 and new A330.
  3. Having removed my Carenado aircraft (from /simobjects) I now find that I can no longer run my Aerosoft A3XX Pro aircraft. P3D4.5 crashes when I attempt load these aircraft with a ucrtbase.dll error. The A330 Pro is unaffected. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the A3XX but am getting the same errors. Other non-Aerosoft aircraft are also crashing P3Dv4.5 when selected. Any suggestions?
  4. I had this problem this afternoon. I have set the Tiller on in the MCDU settings and found the nose wheel went hard right (as seen from outside) and the FSUIPC Steering Access had no control. The hand tiller in the VC had no effect. Turning the MCDU setting off had no effect. I had to quit P3D to regain normal FSUIPC Steering Tiller axis control. The fault appears related to the MCDU tiller setting only.
  5. I have removed the following Carendo aircraft from my P3Dv4.5 setup: A36 Bonanza Baron 58 C172II N Commander 114 (AC11) TBM850 We will see if the electrical issue goes away.
  6. Yes, I do have several Carendo aircraft installed. So if via VATSIM a type match to one of my Carendo types is attempted to display this will crash my Aerosoft Airbus? What is DRM? Edit Digital Rights Management.
  7. I am repeatedly suffering a total electrical failure when flying on VATSIM. Some time into my flights the main displays (PFD etc) all go black followed by the standby instruments. None of the electrical systems work (battery, APU) and I am left with a dead stick brick with no instruments. This happens some 45-60 mins into my flights and usually when I am approaching my destination. Has anyone experienced these problems or suggest an answer?
  8. The LINDA module for the Aerosoft CRJ has been updated to work with both the old CRJ-700/900 and new CRJ Professional releases. It can be downloaded from here along with the latest release of LINDA. All feedback on the LINDA Support Sub-Forum.
  9. See newly released beta LINDA module where all these functions are defined.
  10. For those interested, a beta LINDA module is available for the new A3XX Pro aircraft at LINDA Downloads. The module, adapted from that of the older A318/319/320/321 release, provides functions for most switches and knobs to assign to Joysticks and VRi Combo Panels. It is available free-of-charge as donorware.
  11. The Edinburgh (EGPH) GOSAM1D SID is constrained to 6000ft from GOW D30 to GOSAM and at GOSAM for GOSAM1D (rwy 24) to remain under aircraft descending into Glasgow (EGPF). It is implict that this also applies to CUMBO. If air traffic allows then aircraft will be climbed early as suggested. This would however need to be flown in SET mode not Managed.
  12. When flying a SID (EGPH GOSAM1C or D) the 6000ft height constraints are not being enforced if a higher altitude is dialled in and the ALT knob pushed (Managed Mode). The altitude constraint should only be overridden in Set (pulled, manual) mode.
  13. Thank you srcooke. It might be useful if this old hotfix thread was unpinned and/or the link removed.
  14. I am having problems exporting flight plans to P3Dv4 and FSlabs A320X v2 following a new build on a new PC. I previously had things working fine via the AOCService. The .txt file gets written but is immediately disappears and fails to load. I have installed the latest hotfix 1.28c. When I try to export I do not get the Prepar3d v4 quoted above. If I export to Prepar3d v3 Files and copy and paste the .pln file across, I can get the plan to load into the A320X.
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