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    The EFB we are doing is not for the A330. It's for all our (and where possible other) aircraft. However, we feel it should be visible in the VC because things like fuel planning, checklists, take-off calculations can very well be done on a small screen in the VC like this: When you want to check a chart you click on the screen and it will be a bigger 2D screen because reading a ILS chart on a small screen is silly.
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    Glaubst du ernsthaft, dass das der richtige Einstieg ist um Hilfe zu bekkommen? Abgesehen davon, dass du nichtmal in der Lage bist ein Minimum an Informationen zu liefern um dir bei dem Problem zu helfen. Und dann noch im falschen Forum posten: englisch statt deutsch, Mega Airport statt AES.
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    Finally it's Friday. Can't wait for the photos. Thanks Aerosoft.
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    Will there be an option to just completly disable this EFB? I personally think that for me, it would only be using more resources and entering something in the cockpit that doesn't quite belong there, for the A330. I personally use charts on my iPad, as if it was in cockpit, but with an EFB that's in the actual cockpit I believe it wouldn't be as easy to use or natural. If this EFB could be disabled and there was an iPad app that essencially does what that EFB would do (not just charts but the performance stuff and all that), I would be SOLD on it.
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    So you want the jetliner with the lightest VAS footprint to get an even lighter VAS footprint? As it has been stated many times in this topic (which you are following already for quite some time) AS focuses on a good VAS footprint. Lots of design decisions have been taken in favour of low VAS usage against more features. But as I said, this has been stated already many times and I am surprised that you ask for it. What baffles me even more is that you ask for a lightweight model but on the other hand ask for a wardrobe in the cockpit... Please do not spam this topic with questions that you know already the answer to or which are in direct opposite to what you have asked just hours before!
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    I can't help but to chime in, in regard to some of the most ridiculous commentary I've been reading. Yes, I've been reading it for a while. But I know first hand how good, no, great things come to those who wait. i.e. As a student, I luckily happened upon ONE high quality simulated Diamond DA-20 that I used with great success along with my actual training. Sure, I was training in an Eclipse and the model was a Katana. But they are virtually (see what I did there...lol) the exact same plane with exception of the engine and the fact that the Katana has a constant speed propeller. Marcel's meticulous attention to detail in his model helped me expedite my training, solo @ 10.4 hours and get my PPL in 44 hours. Not to mention saving nearly $2k or more than the average cost and many hours sooner. (my results may not be typical) So I personally am not concerned in regard to the amount of time it's taking, as I KNOW Marcel's Porter will certainly be of the highest quality available. So keep pluggin' along Cap'n and don't worry about the opinions of some of the world's finest dinglings. Some folks are forever clueless. Of course I mean that with all due respect. Qw P.S. Look at what just showed up on our field for sale.
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    Some Seychelles with the Twotter
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    That is absolutely not how we will handle it. You will be able to access all the LIDO charts, always the latest versions and always fully indexed. They will come from the same servers as we use for our NavDataPro Charts project.
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    You can't know that for sure as it's really up to the pilot. Some may prefer to look through the window more often just because, lets say, they love the view.. This would be something useful.
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    No need to exaggerate just because the feature is (unhappily) not simulated in your product! Parts of the wings can be seen from the cockpit.
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    And if you don't want to read a few pages back, there is a search box in the top right corner of this page. Just switch it to "This Topic", type in "release" and hit enter.
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    Please read a few pages back. I've answered this question numerous times over the past few weeks. You might find some other, very good information, on those pages about the A330. My very best wishes.
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    Yeah, you got it. Go ahead.
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    Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport ._.
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    Flashing textures also happen when an AFCAD file is made for FSX, and used in P3D. Anyway, as far as CFG is concerned, I have realized that every computer is unique. You really need to tweak around to find out what is best for you. Also, I have 4 different CFG settings files that I use in different contexts. 1. Flying during day, on VATSIM 2. Flying during night, on VATSIM 3. Flying during day, offline 4. Flying during night, offline That is how I get the best experience out of simulation. How do I handle so many different files with ease? Google: Aerosoft SimStarter NG.
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    Skymaxx Pro 3.2 mit dem Conector läuft bei mir prima.
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    Let me give another hint. The airport elevation is 10.656 ft.
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    I wholeheartedly agree. After the severe VAS problems I got with EDDF v2, I very strongly support the idea of keeping the VAS usage within the A330 as small as possible. I don't even need the independent MCDU displays, but I know that this might be quite an unpopular statement here...
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    Peter, please stop naming every problem you have a bug by writing it in capital letters in the topic header. As Tom already said; a problem is not automatically a bug. A bug is an error in the software code that needs to be fixed by the dev. Therefor the word bug makes us a bit more "alert" than " I can not get xxxx to work" Please refrain from using the word bug in every and all of your support questions. Unless you are absolutely sure it is an software code problem. Thanks
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    The problem is between the chair and the computer, sorry but that's not a bug, I think you have to learn to fly the Airbus. You should try to read the manuals and also follow the vol 6 step by step tutorial. Regards, Walter
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    We already have that! Check out NavDataPro Charts. Right now it is a Windows and iOS app but a web version and Android versions are on the way. And I still think it looks kick ass good!
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    Hi I have a question regarding the EFB. I feel like the idea of an EFB in FS is better than the reality. In other words the experience of using it inside the sim doesn't quite match up with the expectations. From what I've seen on other products the resolution of the charts suffers since you are rendering that image on such a small surface so it's hard to really see the finer details of the maps especially en route charts. This also means precious CPU/GPU cycles are being used to render this image which could perhaps be used elsewhere right? A lot of airlines are now using iPads/Tablets as EFBs which you can replicate quite easily with your own chart software and get a good experience. So my question is, why did you decide to attempt it when you have created a really good mobile app that helps view charts? Do you guys think you can deliver a good experience with your EFB in FS in comparison to your mobile app? (I am aware your chart app is not an EFB but so far you have only described the EFB as showing charts)
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    You are right, what we can and do know though is how airlines SOPs and the manufacturers recommendations handle this and these are clear. It's simple: No wings will be added to the A320 cockpit. Yep We tried recording a hard landing from the cockpit, but there was no way you could hear it (define hard landing though... you will surely hear a 2000fpm landing, latest when the nosegear comes visiting you through the cockpit floor). You're just sitting so far upfront and away from the maingear and there are so many other loud noises that you do not really hear the difference between a smooth and a hard landing. Now this is actually an interesting question. You can be sure it is an exciting feeling to step into some completely new code and aircraft that no one else is flying yet (sorry ;)). On the other hands side there are enough times where you are rather glad no one is flying it yet (anyone who has ever tested software will know what I mean!). It gets routine rather fast though, let's say after the first 20/30 landings it feels like any other aircraft, just one that needs better monitoring and sometimes corrective actions that you would normally not expect to be necessary in a releaseversion. Well, it's basically a bit similar to the feeling after a new aircraft addon has been released and you start learning it. At least to me it is, I'm sure others will think different about it. Keep in mind I'm pretty much flying betas since like 5 years now, so it's nothing special to me if a system fails, indeed it's rather common. But hey, good training for your piloting skills, isn't it?
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    It's just 3.000 kilometers away from it?
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    No. And if I remember correctly, Paro isn't on the southern hemisphere. ;-)
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    Are you at Paro Airport, VQPR ?
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    Nope. Far away from Klagenfurt. Very far. ;-) I'll give a little hint. I am on the southern hemisphere.
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    Not easy. Such a try: Klagenfurt/LOWK?
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    Thanks. Malta is such a beautiful archipelago! <3 So, here we go:
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    Wonderful, you got it sl4t3 Go ahead
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    Should be Luqa, Malta International, MLA, LMML. You are in runway 31. The smaller island in front of you is Gozo.
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    Also a very good idea, but i´m not there Check out the heading, maybe it helps
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    Is it Arrecife, Lanzarote?
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    Good idea, but not correct But i´m not so far away from Gagliari
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    first thought was Cagliari, but the island are little bit too small for that
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    I´ll take your part then
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    Holidays in norway and a lot of work for air traffic controllers
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    I am far away from my sim for a few days. Who ever have a nice new pic can join in
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    Correct Tom, go ahead!
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    @Captain Doctor You are at EKVG, Vagar, Faroer Islands
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    If you know it just name it and the next round will be first come - first post.
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    Somehow it challenges me, because i think i know where this is (guess you´re in an A319?). But without a working flightsim (still not sure how to decide) i cannot post a new guess for you ....
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    Okay, here is some help: You can see an autonomous country here
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    Hi, yep sorry for the late Reply, but i had some significant HDD-Crash issues and it will take some time until i have re-setup my flight sim. I am still not sure if it is worth to Switch from FSX to P3Dv3.35. So feel free to throw the next screenshot in. I will try to be back asap. cheers,
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    OK, so I figured it all out now. The problem was not a configuration issue in P3D, that I tweaked anything or that the numbering of entries was incorrect or anything else down that road. The problem was instead that apparently the installation program of Prague will set APC to run as admin because I certainly didn't do this myself and if you do that you must also run P3D as admin. You can't run P3D normally and then load add-on modules as admin and after doing some experimenting the same is true vice versa - if you have P3D configured to run as admin APC (or any other similar add-on modules) also need to be executed with admin privileges. So now after configuring APC to not run as admin it executes just fine with P3D and the scenery loads perfectly fine. Lastly I would say that I find it a bit scary having an installation program that will configure a program to be executed as admin without asking about it... From a security perspective that is really a no-no. My guess is you decided to make it this way because lots of people are running P3D as admin and for that reason APC needs to be running as admin as well to load correctly but fact is if everything would be developed and configured correctly in the first place nothing should need to be running as admin...not any modules nor P3D. With this said my recommendation is to have the installation program first check if P3D is configured to run as admin and if not APC shouldn't be configured to run as admin either. And next thing, you should really make some kind of pop-up box appear giving the end user a chance to confirm that APC will be set by the installation program to be executed as admin.