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   I want to come in here and say some good words about this model and Aerosoft Germany in general.  I bought this model when it was released some years ago.  I remember the excitement of seeing the pit and the thill of flying it ( I think it was flying me).  I only flew it when the engines were running because I could not start them myself...turbine shaft does whaaaat?!?!  LoL Now as a more experienced simmer I have come back to FSX after a few years absence.  I have learned to read and now I can start the engines. :) I can understand the systems a lot better now.  This models is deep. Its too bad it is a niche product.  I believe a lot of the new generation do not understand the technological marvel that the Bronco was.  It was over-engineering at its best or worse(depending on how you see it).   Too bad robots have taken their place.  (Or maybe that's a good thing).

  Now to be able to put this to an environment as FSX is simply marvelous.  I am very appreciative of the workmanship and support this company is putting out.  Make no mistake gentlemen, you are techno-artistic-extraordinaire.  Technicians and sometimes magicians.  I understand we do not speak the same language, but you do a much better job of speaking English than I could ever do of speaking German.  So a little gets lost in translation sometimes.  However I have become used to this.  And the work you do goes a long way to fulfill peoples dream of flying very sophisticated aircraft.  I have also purchase the Lightning F6 and again I am impressed by the way it was modeled.  I recommend your work to everyone I come across.

  The best of the best just keeps getting better.  Thank You for the great joy you bring to us simmers.


Sincerely, Maico_996

Mark A. Lopez, USA,  Communications Technician.

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