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Captain's voice missing in Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321

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I recently purchased the Aerosoft Airbus A320/21 from Aerosoft. At first it was all working fine on my computer. Then, after having the add-on for only one day, I lost all sound in the cockpit from the captain. When going through checklists I can only hear the co-pilot's voice talking. I have absolutely no idea what happened. I then also noticed that I could no longer hear the sound from the tray table opening and stowing. So it seemed to be that I had lost most of the sound from the left hand side of the cockpit. Apart from this, the product is working fine. What could have happened? I have 100% reinstalled the Aerosoft Package from disk and also my entire FSX, including SP2. But these sounds are still not working in the cockpit. I tried using the Airbus Configurator to change the voice but still no luck. I don't see how the problem can still be persisting after reinstalling both packages. It was fine for one day and now the captain's voice and tray table sounds have gone. So I can no longer hear checklists. Have I accidentally pressed something to turn some of the sound off? Please help me here. I didn't expect problems after having the product for only one day!

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