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Munich bus Simulator and Logitech G27 not detected

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I just bought the game and my G27 is not detected.

I have already tried (as er Emi's instruction on another post):

- update my wheels drivers to the latest version.
- when connecting the wheel to the computer make sure to remove all other input devices (such as gamepads, joysticks, etc.).
- download the "Logitech Gaming Software" (Profiler) and install it. Made sure to choose the right version (32bit or 64bit)!
- In the Profiler make sure to remove the Option "Report combined Pedals" and allow the Option to let the game change the settings.
- Also rebooter my computer, removed power from the G27
- Note that every other racing games works, only Munich and Bus Simulator 2012 have problems.
Please advise !

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The Logitech G27 on my Windows 7 64 bit works flawlessly in every other games. Euro Truck 2, City Car Driver, Spintires. (Even Google Earth when "driving" a plane.)

In the Logitech profiler, it is correctly recognized

in device manager, no "missing drivers" are shown.

Only games from Aerosoft suffers from this issue.

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