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Flightfactor A350 SID/STARs workaround script

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Hello Jude,

I had big problems when I used Your solution. I destroid my x-plane installation.

Whats happend:

- all began when I installed the PSS-Files ....

- starting x-plane10.32 I arrived to give in the ICAO and the plane , after that

x-plane runs and runs and runa , the log.txt file increased constantly over more

then 2 MB ... since I forced x-plane to stop.

This allways happend when I tried to start x-plane with the A350. Even a reinstallation of my A350

doesn't solve the problem.

On the end I reinstalled the whole system ... whitout Pyton.

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Sorry to hear that.

Did you check on the X-plane.org forums? the solution still works for me even after the upgrade to 10.35 X-Plane.

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