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Exclusion Zones for Airports (XP10/11)


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I use "d_EDDN_nuernberg2.1" for Nurenberg Aiport.

But wirh X Plane 10.36 I have problems with this Airport.

The Aiport Buildings looks strange, Ithink it is a collision with EDDN Global Aiport..

I did not find Xeclusions for this airport.

Can soembody help?

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Version 1.3 available.

In this Version only EDDF is changed because there where some Trees at the runway and taxiway borders....


Download V1.3 here (V 1.2 is no longer required).

Bottom of Post 1


Greets Heinz

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zExclusion V 1.6 available.

LSZA Lugano changed (X-Plane 10.41 and W2XPlane v 0.74...). All other zExclusion are still the same as in v 1.5.

Download link see post 1 at the bottom.

Greets Heinz Flichtbeil

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